Are London hospitals being deliberately set up to fail during the Olympics?

“GPs told to cut routine appointments and send patients to A&E during Olympics

London GPs are being advised to treat the Olympics like a bout of ‘severe weather’ and consider reducing appointments, closing surgeries or transferring patients to A&E in order to ride out the storm.

The plans include reducing routine appointments, offering more telephone advice, being flexible about prescriptions and ensuring that the practice is fully stocked up before the start of the Games.

They also advise practices to consider closing smaller branch surgeries, avoiding home visits and ‘lowering the threshold’ for calling an ambulance in urgent situations.” (Source: Pulse ).

And just how, pray tell, is closing GP surgeries, cutting down on normal services for those remaining open, coupled with a deliberate policy of overwhelming hospitals with non-urgent cases, going to help anybody at all?

Were I a cynic (ha!), I might think that this whole scheme was set up to cause hospitals to crash and burn during the Olympics, opening the floodgates for more, and increasingly rapid, privatisation.

Whatever you do, don’t get sick! And, it goes without saying that the chronically sick and disabled are going to be harmed more by this fiasco than anyone else. It would be a miracle if they weren’t.


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