Here we go again with courier crappiness…

This all seems horribly familiar.

Waiting for a parcel from Amazon via Home Delivery Network. 24 hour delivery so due today. Tracking says it’s been on the van since 07.07 this morning, coming from Wrexham; it’s now 17.20. They deliver until 17.30 – so clearly I’m not going to get the bastard thing.

Their driver told me last week that service likely to go to hell, as this area was being transferred to the Wrexham depot (of Yodel infamy!), despite previously being serviced by the Warrington depot, which is just a short sprint down the motorway from here and 16 miles closer. The logic of that eludes me, unless they’re closing their Warrington base.

So time is running out and I’ve been looking at their website for someone to yell at if it doesn’t come, and I found this:-

HDNL is proud to deliver for over 120 retailers.

I also, on the same web page, found this:-

HDNL is proud to deliver for over 350 retailers.

They do seem to be just a tad confused, with 230 retailers for whom they might, or might not, deliver. WTF? If they don’t know who they’re working for, it’s no wonder they can’t deliver on time.

None of which gets my parcel any closer. And, no, so far I’ve not found anyone to yell at!


6 thoughts on “Here we go again with courier crappiness…

  1. Ron, if it helps I’ll give you my phone number… I can’t do anything to help, but you can yell at me as much as you like… it won’t achieve anything BUT it might make you feel better about it! Hope you get your delivery before the winter sets in.. though looking out of the window here that might be sooner than we expected!
    Oh I’m just off to leave my kids at the pub, if DC can do it why shouldn’t I?
    Take care and don’t let them grind you down.

  2. yay! it restores your faith in “the system”. just getting my son to collect sand bags from the fire station, they offered to deliver but I said my kids could do with the exercise! High tide has been and gone but we are still worried, the water is coming down from the South Downs now, and it’s still rising! If I never post again you will know that my uninsured computer “got it”

  3. At least it turned up sunshine, I’m pleased for you I had a delivery today too and mine arrived at 12:30pm, so not too bad. Last Christmas they were delivering to me up to 8pm at night. Are you an Amazon Prime member like me? Once, when HDNL were late delivering to me, I phoned Amazon and complained loudly (see: Yelling lol) and they gave me an extension on my Prime membership for 3 months extra, so complaining usually gets results.

    What were you waiting for? anything exciting?

    • I usually opt for free delivery unless I’m in a hurry (or it’s a bit fragile and I don’t want it kicking around the system), when I’ll go for next day. Free would usually just take a few days – until Yodel got in the way.

      Nope, nothing exciting – just hair clippers to replace the the dead ones.

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