Nauseous? Try filtering your water…

12 days ago, I bought a Brita water filter jug; you know the type of thing – fits in the fridge door. And now, water straight from the tap tastes foul, it really does.

In addition, the nausea that’s plagued me for most of the last 30 years, resistant to drugs and totally disabling at times (which I’ve always put down to my ME, or to my system rebelling against all the drugs foisted upon it), has pretty much  gone. I noticed that because for the first time in a week, I feel a little pukey today.

Not a lot, and certainly not enough to send me scurrying for the ginger wine. Stone’s – nothing else works. Except crystallised ginger, but I love the stuff and so it gets eaten, and I have none when it’s needed, but I don’t really like ginger wine, so I always have some available.

Throughout the nauseous period, I’ve lived in the same area. I moved around a little, but never more than half a mile from my starting point, so presumably the water has always been from the same source, wherever that might be, which probably explains the consistency of my nausea.

I bought the filter jug to wean myself off milk, of which I drank far too much (16 pints a week at one point, about 10 years ago), though more like 6 of late. I figured that ice-cold water would help with that process (and I do mean ice-cold – my fridge is a whisker above freezing), and it has. It’s also stopped me drinking water from the tap.

The loss of milk is aiding weight loss, drinking cold water has proven an acceptable substitute for cold milk, and the absence of nausea is a bonus.

So if, like me, you’ve suffered nausea for an unconscionably long time – and by nausea I mean how it would feel being seasick on the day you have a lifetime-best hangover, every day – then you might want think seriously about filtering your water.


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  1. Totally agree with you Ron….. having lived in Cyprus until last year, we were used to drinking bottled water & from the obligatory water coolers…. On our return to the UK, I could smell the chlorine in the water & still can…. I had never noticed it in the previous 45 yrs I’d lived here…. Now it’s filtered water all the way, including the kettle….. Long live the filter jug!!!!! x

    • On backpacking trips I’d drink from streams, springs, rivers, lakes, tarns, even cattle troughs at times – it all tasted better than it does here, and never did me any harm.

  2. I have one of those filter jugs but having had, by forcemeat after coiuncil renovations were done, to buy a smaller fridge freezer it no longer fits in my fridge. i have used bottled sparkling water now for years plus soda water instead of fizzy pop.cant abide still water of any kind. i need to wean myself off coffee made with skimmed milk. although i am very slowly losing weight anyway.and my blood sugars down again. would help with both. but cant drink soda water too much otherwise it affects my reflux.gone off tea. not keen on herbal ones. can drink black coffee occasionally but not regularly. so what to drink is my dilemma. i too go through about 6 pints a week semi skimmed milk on cereals for breakfast and supper but also about 4 pints skimmed for coffees. much more than you Ron at that rate.i know im an awkward

    • Lost 12lb in the past 7 days. Much of it fluid, naturally enough, but no doubt some milk-associated loss too. I’ve also decided to drink more water – I’m sick of being perpetually dehydrated and feeling crap because of it. Apparently almost everyone on diuretics for heart failure is dehydrated (as we have to limit our intake too). But that must surely cause the blood to thicken slightly, increasing the load on the heart, which can’t be good. And the fact that I feel better now I’ve got the new meds sorted – gone to the minimum dose – is due, at least in part, to the extra water (and this evening, extra cider!).

  3. Hi Ron,
    I totaly agree with you, I’ve been using filtered water for years and what a difference. Unfortunately I have been a tea addict for years and I noticed an icky film on top of my tea, so I bought a Britta jug and the film dissappeared and my tea tasted a lot better, also I drink a lot of barley water to clean out my kidneys because of infections( my Mum has been giving this to me since I was a child) and it works for me. I live in S wales and the water is dissgusting, every time you have a bath , it leaves a pink stain in the bath also I notticed same colour stain on my kettle and iron. I have the same kettle and iron for years now, no more nasty stuff in the bottom of my kettle. Power to the jug, it’s brill.

  4. Very, very true! Although I would never even dare to drink the water right from the tap – I don’t know about UK but here in Poland you could get sick! We always boil it first.

    • Water here is safe enough, but loaded with chemicals to make it that way which I, at least, appear to be better without.

      And they do say that the water in London has passed through at least 12 sets of kidneys before the next person gets to drink it!

  5. To Hugo’s mum with a little fridge … i’ve a water cooler, i live in scotland and our water is good ….. but i have ice cold water on tap all day every day … and use it to make frappe (iced) coffee …. to Ron …. love your blogg! cheers!

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