Is it unreasonable to expect sanity in government?

There is something radically wrong with the Tories in this government. Are we, in fact, governed by the insane?

In response to his hatred) of, and constant campaign of lies about (until IDS mostly took over that task), chronically sick and disabled people, I have repeatedly called Cameron’s sanity into question, and I believe I was right to do so. His actions and words on this subject have not been those of a rational man. I’ve gone over the reasons why so many times I don’t think I need to do so here. If you missed it, feel free to ask.

Then we have the egregiously, utterly, moronic IDS, who is so intellectually compromised he gets stupid a bad name, who’s unending farrago of lies about the same group has the stench of the deranged Nazi propagandist about it (the bigger the lie, the more easily it’s believed – Goebbels, paraphrased a little). Now he’s reached even higher levels of delusion by blaming the poor for their poverty – that’s a bit like blaming pigs for bacon. It truly is a lunatic concept.

It’s true that some people can extricate themselves from poverty. Most, though, aren’t that lucky and, for them, there is, generation after generation, no way out. I was born into one of the worst and most deprived slums in post-war Britain. I was lucky, I got out – most couldn’t. But that doesn’t make it their fault. IDS knows this full well, just as he and his Dark Lord know the truth about the chronically sick and disabled, and how they are destroying their lives. Lack of a conscience and of a moral compass positively scream sociopath.

And there’s more IDS insanity in the idea that Universal Credit is to be a “digital only” benefit, which will exclude millions of people who don’t have computers and broadband connections, or even smartphones, and are too technologically illiterate to use whatever public access there might be in their area. Including a hell of a lot of old people. For people who have never used a computer in their lives, or even seen one in many cases, the learning curve will be insurmountable.

Blogger Johnny Void suggests that this is a deliberate ploy by IDS to remove Universal Credit from millions of people by making it impossible to claim. I suspect he might be right, but the idea is still insane.

Earlier, we had Gove and his bible vanity project, a crackpot idea if ever there was one, even though minor-league nuttery and harmless, but now we have Theresa May, doing her best to join the let’s see who’s got fewest oars in the water contest, by branding critics of the government’s “snoopers’ charter” as conspiracy theorists.

Is the woman so unhinged, so divorced from reality, that she can’t see that there really is a conspiracy, to spy upon the law-abiding citizens of this increasingly benighted land for no very good reason, and that she’s part of it?

Then there’s the pathetic-if-he-weren’t-so-dangerous figure of Osborne, a Chancellor, barely able to count on his fingers, who is obsessively blaming everything, and everybody, but himself for the fact that his half-arsed policies have thoroughly trashed the economy. Paranoia, writ large.

As for Grayling, I think his apparently obsessive lying is just a fundamental dishonesty, happily lying simply because he can, but no more excusable for that. And Maria Miller simply parrots the party line, no matter how mendacious that makes her; she’s is not the Minister for Disabled People so much as the Minister for Lying About Disabled People to anyone who’ll listen. She is beyond contemptible, as she is no doubt fully aware of what she is doing and simply doesn’t care. Another sociopath? Or perhaps she actually cries herself to sleep each night, in mortification? Yeah right – who am I kidding?

So there we have it, 5 of the most important people in government, and not one with more than the most tenuous grasp of the reality that most of us experience every day of our lives, living inside their own – and each other’s – heads, with not a conscience between them, and infuriated when the world won’t fit their dangerously deranged image of how it should be. And it’s always the fault of the world. Always.

It’s said that most successful, powerful, businessmen are psychopaths, to a degree. The bunch we’re saddled with, in government, fit that model, in spades. At the very least. And there are doubtless many more than just these few, who are simply the most conspicuous, the most malign, and the most dangerous.




5 thoughts on “Is it unreasonable to expect sanity in government?

  1. well Ron, i am sure there must be more i could add to this but to be honest i cant think of one thing. you have said it all.they are only a gnats breath away from nazi-ism, planet of the apes comes to mind., may have been fiction but oh the resemblances are frighteningly close.
    am off to do another bit for the economy by buying a toaster for a birthday present, hope cameroons lot appreciate it. though i know they wont.

    • You know, I’m surprised this post has attracted so few comments.

      And I was writing about the resemblance of this government to Nazi Germany in the mid thirties, and the plight of the sick and disabled being analogous to that of the Jews of that period (pre Kristallnacht), long before most – and I eventually got sick of seeing my own words coming back at me from other sources that weren’t even around when I wrote. Not copy and paste identical, or I’d have filed a breach of copyright take-down notice, but so close that the chances of coincidence were vanishingly small.

  2. Hi Ron,
    Words are not enough, what we need now is a more timely Georg Elser, a brave, brave, man indeed!


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