The proper Arrowe Park Hospital Update…

Er, oops…

So used am I to being sidelined and ignored by APH, I’ve just sat here and fumed for two weeks, while their email has sat in Sky’s goddamned spam filter since the 14th. (After writing the previous post, I went to have my occasional clearout, and there it was – pity there’s no way to kill the damn filter, it’s more trouble than it’s worth and it can’t be trained.)

Retrieved and replied to, as under:-

Dear Mrs. Hxxxxxx,

Apologies for the delay, but your email was snagged by server-side spam filters while I, accustomed to being ignored by now, was sitting here fuming, assuming it was more of the same, and not thinking to look.

Anyway, yes, I would like to see another cardiologist, please – based on my previous letters I’d assumed that was a given. From what we already know, the medication I need is pretty obvious. Part of it I’m getting already (meds for hypertension and diuretics), but what I badly need is a drug, or combination of drugs, to support my heart, Digoxin being an obvious one.

Granted, it won’t change the prognosis, but life has come down to sleeping on the couch (I can’t lie down, as I can’t breathe and it’s too painful), and spending the day in front of my computer – my existence has come down to 10 square feet, plus the bathroom and kitchen. I’m hoping that, with the right medication, that situation might be improved somewhat. I’m not looking to be walking the Pennine Way again, obviously, but it would be nice to be able to get out in my powerchair, even if it’s only as far as Royden Park, to photograph the birds on the lake.

The status quo, though, is simply not sustainable, nor will it be while I’m still able to end it, if that’s what it comes down to. Not, I should add, a threat – my plans were made a year ago – it’s only in the hope that my lot can be improved that I’m still here.

Of course, if it hadn’t been for another APH foul-up, Dr. Leong’s total failure to record the original diagnosis of heart failure on or about January 26, 2011, I could probably have had the appropriate medication a year ago. And the only reason I haven’t sued APH and him is that my records for that period are a shambles – nothing of consequence was recorded, and much of what was is fiction.

I would appreciate it if it could be borne in mind that what I said to Dr. Newall – that my window of activity is small and unpredictable – it’s been a fact of life for almost 30 years, and not, as he seems to think, invented just to annoy him. Effectively – and if I rest for a few days prior, hopefully doable – late morning is the best time, any earlier being precluded by the fact that it can take me 4 hours to get ready**. I’ve been seriously ill for a long time – only my heart condition is new, and that’s not helping.

**Which is why I said to Dr. Newall that an 09.30 appointment was impossible. It would mean me hitting the bathroom about 05.00 – out of the question as pain often keeps me awake until 03.00. It seems that he can’t – or won’t – understand that.

Most days I’m doing well if I’m up by 08.00, and I have to rest again in the afternoon, hence my very narrow window of opportunity.

One last point – I shall have to use my powerchair, so I hope access isn’t an issue (it is in some areas of APH).

And, again, my apologies for the delay.


Ron Graves.


And, boys and girls, to give the lady her due, she replied to me within minutes, from home so, since I’ve named the useless bastards, it’s only fair to say well done Mrs. Hartley.

Who, it turns out, is PA to the guy who kicked off this whole torrent of fuckuppery, Dr. Leong. How nicely fortuitous.


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  1. Very good! We’ve all encountered miss filed emails at some point or another, ironic how you found it soon after your post. So glad to here that you should hopefully get to see a cardiologist again soon 😉

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