Doubts should be growing over Cameron’s sanity.

Note: I posted a shorter version of this as a comment on the Guardian page. It survived a couple of hours but has been deleted overnight.


Doubts grow over David Cameron’s welfare blitz, says the Guardian.

Perhaps what really should be called into question is Cameron’s sanity?

Few, if any of his pronouncements or actions on the subject of welfare have been the product of a stable, normally-functioning, mind. Remember, shortly after he assumed power, his claims that hordes of families claiming thousands of pounds in Housing Benefit, turned out, on investigation (the Guardian), to be less than half a dozen families in the whole country? Spouting “facts” that are easily verifiable as lies isn’t sane on any level – it’s the logic of the unhinged – he says it’s so, then in his mind it must be so. Even when it’s not. Something which has infected his every pronouncement on benefits.

Initially, I thought that his hatred of the chronically sick and disabled was a result of the death of his son, Ivan, while we were still living, and – according to his perverted lights – “thriving” on state handouts (I’ve been forced to claim disability benefits since 1986, I can assure you, no-one thrives on an income that low).

Some of us also thought – and this was far more sinister and deranged – that he was also using Ivan as a benchmark against which the rest of us would be judged and, almost inevitably, found wanting – which has come to pass. How else to explain the terminally ill being found “fit for work”? (Anyone who thinks Atos is not carrying out the wishes of this government – i.e. of Cameron – hasn’t been paying attention.)

Now, though, his mania is utterly unfettered, and any vulnerable person has, for Cameron, become a legitimate target, to be punished for simply existing, and driven into penury.

And that’s not insane? Seriously?

And I’m not convinced that the rest of his cronies have all their oars in the water either, as I’ve said previously.


4 thoughts on “Doubts should be growing over Cameron’s sanity.

  1. I have been saying this for ages have others i know. I have even seen in my limited circle of family and friends at least 2 out n out Tories gradually changing their views from… hes doing right, too many taking advantage, too many lazy sods claiming benefits ,,,to… its not right what hes doing., too much to soon to often.its disgusting what hes doing, hes hitting the wrong ppl. etc etc .. hes losing votes right left and centre.
    as far as i can see hes no better than Hitler who i also believe was else could they perpetrate such vile evilness?

    • I’ve been writing about this for nearly two years, on my blog, and on any political and newspaper sites on which I can leave comments. Even the Guardian, previously, with no problems, so I can only assume that last night’s moderator was a Tory!

      Sooner or later people will realise he is nuts, but by then it might be too late. The only differences between Cameron and Hitler is that Cameron isn’t so obviously a frothing maniac and he has better suits. As far as policy is concerned, there’s little difference between what he’s done to the sick and disabled, and what was done to the German Jews in the mid thirties – both persecuted for the mess the country’s in.

  2. I agree Ron, I think he is projecting his grief at his sons death towards the disabled afterall anyone less disabled than his son in his eyes is scrounging off the state. Cameron needs a full psycological examination to ensure he is sane.

    • But who’d undertake that, knowing what a vindictive bastard he is? Now he’s talking about cutting the benefits of “activists” – which doubtless means anyone who disagrees with him – that’s not even legal.

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