Chronicles of the Heart, Part 37 – some good news.

And the good news is, I have a cardiology appointment for July 12 at midday.

So hopefully, I’ll be able to make it this time, and I’m definitely using my powerchair (or, if I feel up to it, my manual chair, as it’s more manoeuvrable), not doing so the first time was a huge mistake, as was not telling the nurse who had me trek halfway across the hospital to bugger off. That set me back so far I still haven’t recovered.

I have – though I shouldn’t have to as the damned hospital has my records –  explained in detail why it is that keeping appointments is difficult:-

“**To put this in perspective, in addition to my heart problems (and the problems they’re causing), I have severe  COPD (having had asthma and bronchiectasis since age 2; never smoked), in 1983 I was struck by lightning, which literally fried my feet (melted the fatty pads in the soles), and trashed most of my joints which, 29 years later, means I have widespread osteoarthritis (I’ve also had o-a in my left hip since I was 32). In 1986 I developed moderate-severe ME which might well, with hindsight, be the long-term effects of the lightning strike, or it might be both. Frankly, it’s impossible to know and I doubt it matters. Knowing won’t change anything.

So, a normal day for me would send most people running for their doctor. A bad day doesn’t bear thinking about, and there are a lot of them. There are no good days any longer. I hope this helps people at APH understand why I say I’ll try to be there, but I can’t guarantee it. It truly is outside my control.” [end]

I will, of course, do my utmost to be there – I simply can’t afford not to be, as  I’m deteriorating faster than I care to contemplate.

Fingers crossed I get someone sensible, and who’s not actually Newall’s best friend!

I have, by the way, made it clear that tests which might harm me are not on the agenda. Apart from any other consideration, and I’ve covered those at length previously, I simply cannot afford to have anything make me even slightly worse than I am now – I’m barely coping as it is.

And since I’ve named the main contributors to this shambles, I think it’s only fair to namecheck the person who was instrumental in getting me this appointment, so take a bow Mrs. Nikki Hartley, Complaints Coordinator and PA.


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    • Hi Fred,

      Knowing my luck he plays golf with the other prick!

      We’ll see. Though I would think if he has any friends, they’d have refused to see me.


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