Cameron the Isolationist – be afraid, be very afraid…

Cameron is touting an EU referendum from a quite definitely anti-EU stance and, give our mainly dumb-as-a-stump electorate, I fear he might well get his way, which will be staggeringly dangerous for the most vulnerable members of society – those who are the focus of his insane hatred, the chronically sick and disabled. .

As I see it, Cameron has one overweening ulterior motive for wanting us out of the EU – isolated from the EU, there will be no barriers to preventing this megalomaniac from treating this country as his own personal fiefdom.

The ranks of the modern-day Untermenschen – the chronically sick and disabled people of this benighted land – reduced to penury and suicide by the actions of this porky psychopath, are growing daily.

For the past two years (longer if you count the lies of David Freud under Labour), the sick and disabled people of this country have been subjected to a war of attrition, disapprobation, and plain, old-fashioned, lies, from a government propaganda machine that would have had Joseph Goebbels wetting himself with envy.

We have, as I’ve pointed out, assumed the same role as the Jews in Nazi Germany, in the mid thirties – a government-approved target of hatred and violence, about which this government clearly intends to do just one thing – make matters even worse.

And just how much worse do you think it’s going to get if Cameron succeeds in effectively isolating us from the rest of Europe, hell, from the rest of the world?

There are cases going through the courts at the moment, in an attempt to curb the obscene excesses of this sharp-suited, grease-ball, Nazi, which might yet wind up at the European Court of Human Rights.

It’s no secret, however, that Cameron would like to destroy, or drastically weaken, the ECHR but, so far, he’s failed. He does, however, have an option which precludes seeking the approval of the other EU members m and that’s remove the country from the EU and its people from access to the ECHR.

That, I very strongly suspect, is the main reason he favours a referendum –  isolate the UK from Europe and he can do exactly as he likes, no checks or balances from the EU, no appeals to the ECHR.

And Cameron’s Reich becomes a reality…


5 thoughts on “Cameron the Isolationist – be afraid, be very afraid…

  1. It’s less direct than that. Leaving the EU would still leave us in the Council of Europe, and our membership on that is contingent on our accepting the authority of the ECtHR. But membership of the CoE is a precondition of membership of the EU, I believe; and just as we didn’t need a referendum to join the CoE, or to ratify the ECHR, nor would we need one to leave or deratify.

    On the other hand, the EU membership referendum Britain held when joining was expected to be lost; Britain continually demonstrates itself more reasonable, more intelligent, and less vulnerable to manipulation than opinion polls suggest. I can’t help but think that the purpose of opinion polls is not to find out what people already think, but through a combination of carefully biased sample selection, leading questions and pitifully dishonest reporting, to tell people how they should be thinking by means of pretend peer pressure.

    • Britain continually demonstrates itself more reasonable, more intelligent, and less vulnerable to manipulation than opinion polls suggest.

      Used to, I’ll grant you. Now? I wouldn’t put money on it.

  2. Not wanting to rain on your parade or anything Ron but the ECHR isn’t linked to the EU. The ECHR is a Council of Europe institution. The EU court (the ECJ) is a lower court that has to defer to ECHR rulings. It is an important distinction that most people miss, especially as the ECHR is oft cited as the main reason by the great unwashed to escape the EU 🙂

  3. Hi Ron,
    Your right, when all the fun of the fair’s over – the Olympics, watch this streak of urine go, like ordure, of a big stick. What fun he could have, in his own little KINGDOM.
    Its off your knees time, for the plebs, in the land of the landed, and, for those that believe, to start praying! cus you’ll need it.


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