Missiles over London…

There can be no justification for putting civilian lives at risk by placing missile batteries on the top of residential blocks in London, in order to provide Olympic games security from air attack, the principle of which is, at best, spurious.

For any terrorist group planning a 9/11-style attack on the Olympic site, the first thing to do, when the time comes, is attempt to take out the most threatening missile batteries with missiles or bombs of their own. That, almost certainly, would result in heavy civilian casualties – so the first priority should be to move the missiles to office buildings that can conveniently be emptied of staff for the duration. Give them all a paid holiday, if necessary, but don’t put lives at needless risk.

Then, staying with the 9/11 theme, there is the problem, if such an event takes place – and while much more difficult than it was, I doubt it’s impossible; those deploying the missiles clearly don’t think so – in that the death toll will be horrendous, whether the plane gets through to its intended target, or is shot down.

It’s really not rocket science – you simply cannot, with impunity, shoot down an airliner (or more than one), over a city as densely built-up and populated as London, and hope to get away without massive destruction  of property and loss of life.

The logic of the missile batteries, then, eludes me – protecting the Olympics by simply moving the death and destruction to another location isn’t much of a bargain. Their very existence would appear to send a very clear message to London residents that their lives would  happily be sacrificed to protect games-goers and athletes, corporate parasites and politicians.

Doesn’t that give you a nice, warm, glow?



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