Has the government engineered its own downfall in sacking so many soldiers?

Someone on Twitter is asking, in the light of the carpet-bagging of the NHS, the persecution of the chronically sick and disabled, now extended to any group perceived as even remotely vulnerable, and other related fuck-uppery, and the suicides – where’s the anger?

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been seriously pissed off with the threats to disability benefits for almost 4 years (let’s not lose sight of the fact that what’s happening now was originally dreamed up by James Purnell and David Freud,** under Labour), as the intemperate language of my blog demonstrates only too well.

**Made a peer by the Tories to give them a voice to lie to the House of Lords.

Personally, I’ve been writing about threats to disability benefits since the first year of this blog, in September 2008, when I wrote this post, entitled Welfare Reform; note well the first para, a quote from Gordon Brown – sound familiar?

My first post in defence of the NHS was written in August 2009; and I first wrote about Tory plans to shaft the sick and disabled in December 2009  6 months before they came to power, and I’ve barely stopped, except when I’ve been too ill, since – how much anger do you want from me?

Many others are angry, too, and have shown that anger in demos and marches across the country, and, of course, there are other bloggers equally furious, though there are not as many as there used to be – some have disappeared, others are still around but have simply decided to do other things. I can understand their frustration at the apparent futility of carrying on.

But all this anger, all the hurt, the marches and demos, all the blog posts from all the bloggers, have had the same result – bugger all. Just as all the DWP-related** suicides have now been flagged as an irrelevance.

**IDS and the DWP are the real villains, Atos are carrying out their policies.

But one cannot sustain anger indefinitely in the face of complete and utter obduracy. And, in my case, the onset of a terminal illness has put a crimp in my activities; it’s slowed me down but I haven’t stopped, nor will I as long as I have the strength to type. Even though I’m unsure whether there is a point any longer, or if there ever was if no-one in power is taking any notice (pretty sure they’re actually making notes about all of us, though).

Because this government, no matter what anyone has said, or written, or marched about, or occupied for, has continued on its merry way regardless, demonising and criminalising the sick and disabled by lying to the people, who are so stupid they believe the propaganda even in the face of the facts,  and lying to Parliament, with equal impunity. Most newspapers and the BBC (in breach of its charter), are equally culpable, repeating the lies totally unquestioningly.

And never forget that the Queen, the supposed last bastion against an out of control government, simply signed away the welfare state, the NHS, and the right to justice for all except those with deep pockets, without a second thought. The same Queen in support of whom many of you turned out in the pissing rain (how apt), not too long afterwards. Did you all forget what she’d done so recently?

And someone has also suggested, in a massive excess of optimism, that Holland & Barrett pulling out of Workfare before threatened protests kick in, meant that if “we” can do that, “we” can overthrow the government, to which the only sensible answer is don’t be so bloody silly.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see this government overthrown, preferably legally, as would many others, but how? After all, getting a retailer to back down from confrontation, and withdraw from a morally indefensible scheme, is not remotely the same as taking on a government. And anyone even trying to discuss the how of it, online, is likely to get their collar felt in very short order.

The fact is that the only people capable of legitimately bringing down Cameron are the Liberal Democrats, and they’re simply too gutless, and their leader too obsessed with power.

Other than that, I have no idea how to set about overthrowing the government and, please, spare me the Arab Spring analogies – that was, and still is, a blood-bath except for Egypt, and Egypt only succeeded so relatively easily because it had a corrupt, failed, government that nobody, not even the military, supported. And, even now, it hasn’t actually turned out that well. Libya, too, would have failed if not for the intervention of the west (curiously, we had the money to prosecute a war that was none of our concern, but not for our own most vulnerable citizens).

And don’t quote Gandhi at me either, his situation was vastly different to ours, and no valid comparisons can be realistically drawn.

However, there might just be a glimmer of light in the darkness, as some 20,000 army personnel, apparently selected on the basis of how close to their pension qualification they’re getting, rather cutting out the inevitable dead wood that any organisation of this size has, are about to find themselves out of a job and, as many have tied houses, homeless too, along with their families.

Think about that – 20,000 former members of the military, cast aside, broke, bitter, and undoubtedly furious – and people trained to put down insurrection are surely the perfect people to launch one…

Has the government, in doing this, sown the seeds of its own destruction?

I wonder if the bean-counters in Whitehall considered that even for a moment?



6 thoughts on “Has the government engineered its own downfall in sacking so many soldiers?

  1. Ron…….are they employing 30,000 reserves in case things kick off next year due to cuts in benefits then they will use the army to sort people out

    • A more immediate concern is whether or not the 13,500 troops brought in for the Olympics return to base afterwards or stay on as Cameron’s private army.

  2. well there’s another angry person here.2 grown up kids, on benefits.one a home carer but she is expected to get a job as well as look after her relative.(how can a 24 hour carer do another job is beyond me.) and cope herself with gallstones and an embarrassing skin condition which is also very painful when it flares up.which is pretty often and often stops her walking or lifting her arms up.the other with fibromyalgia but he cant get DLA for it.if he goes out one day walking.)on a good day that is)……..cos he cant afford the extortionate busfares… he suffers for the next week.cant do a thing..if they lose benefits they only have mum n dad to turn to.both aged 70 and 72 respectively. dad lives 70+ miles away from them/ i live 4/5 miles from them ….who will be expected to bear the brunt? who wont be able to sit there knowing they are floundering and not try to help?. just like you.i have no savings. meither has their dad. we both did hospital work back in the 60s/70s. poor wages then/ poor wages whatever we did after that. we couldnt save. wasnt enough coming in TO save.i have a loan to pay off which they tried last year to prove came above the allowed amount before it was stopped out of my money. in spite of the fact i have to pay it back. not a dss loan you see.they were unsuccessful but caused me a lot of stress at the time.if my kids had been given a better amount of money i wouldnt have needed to get that loan out initially. it was to help them.they werent in positions to get a loan themselves at the time.similarly if my daughter could have got a council house she wouldnt have needed a deposit when she left her former partner arriving at mine at 1am in the morning. a one bedromed bungalow. but cos i took her in she was no longer top priority. (what the hell was i supposed to do? leave her to walk the streets all night?)when she did get to top of list 16months later they gave the next house on my estate to some afghanistanis instead of her. by this time both her and my health was suffering so i got the loan to help with her deposit for a private rented house. so yes im bloody angry, hurt that we are all being treat like lepers, scared for my kids more than me. and the kids just leaving school.as a pensioner they leaving us alone mostly for now but i am still scared for all those who have lost jobs, being ostracized and worse by those who believe the politicians, and feel so helpless, specially when i hear of yet another poor sod whose taken his life cos he cant keep his family on what he gets after losing his job. hubby of a friend of mine hung himself for exactly that reason. a year after redundancy. over 50 years old. being harassed by job centre. he coiuldnt cope.
    incidentally that loan has been topped up several times so i could get things for the house to help me keep my independance more. hasnt been squandered on booze,drugs etc as some would have people believe,

  3. thats a scary thought…cameron with his own private army. please dont. its late at night. i dont want nightmares…………….oh. sorry HE IS a nightmare. a permanent day and night one.

  4. Hi Ron.
    Lets, hope so! because, if the peasants are planning a revolt, I can hear nothing!
    Mind you, I’m stone deaf,a bilateral hearing loss, no hope, NHS flatliner. Keep up the good work Ron.

    • You know, Fred, I really have no idea what the hell is wrong with the people of this country. If what’s happened here had happened in, say, France, people would have taken to the streets in their millions, and they’d probably be on the verge of another revolution by now.

      Here, we just sit and take it.

      Oh, there’s plenty of rhetoric, no shortage at all of people telling others what they should do, but there is no organised resistance, and no-one even approaching what’s needed in a leader, and no-one sticking their head above the parapet. By now public fury should be such that any MP would be terrified to walk the streets.

      There’s the problem, of course, that successive governments have disarmed the law-abiding sports shooters (mostly), and it’s very hard to stage a revolution without weapons – and that’s what it’ll take. We can march, stage demos, chain wheelchairs together from now until hell freezes over, it hasn’t worked, and it’s not going to work.

      The bottom line, though, is that the only people with the wherewithal to stage an insurrection are the criminal gangs, and that would be seriously bad news.

      And make no mistake – going up against police who are arguably as well armed as the military these days, armed with nothing but banners and slogans, isn’t going to work. It hasn’t worked since Thatcher made the police into her private army.


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