Yodel bullying Twitter into taking down tweets and closing accounts.

Yodel have got their lawyers to bully Twitter into taking down tweets, and closing accounts critical of them (HT The Wall).

Now I was a major critic of Yodel some time back, in a total of nine blog posts, starting here. There were quite a few tweets, too.

This is the solicitors’ letter (it’s published on The Wall’s blog so as far as I’m concerned it’s in the public domain):-

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The second sentence of the third para of that letter says, quite clearly, that criticising Yodel for abysmal service is not allowed. Good luck with that – and I’d suggest that if Yodel don’t want to be criticised, they stop pissing people off. It really is that simple (though to be fair, they have improved here since my original criticism).

It’s not rocket science, guys – anger people through stupidity and incompetence, as in my case, and they’ll complain, and the beauty of the Internet is that companies who fail, and fail miserably, to provide a reasonable standard of service, can no longer hide – criticism is immediate and public. As, indeed, was mine.

And if Yodel are feeling petulant about Twitter, I suggest they pay a visit to the extremely anti-Yodel forum at Amazon. It won’t improve their day. Er – actually, forget that – Amazon seems to have removed all of the forums, including the hyper-critical and highly abusive Yodel one. To be honest, even though I’m not happy about it, I can understand it – the forums, as they often  tend to do with time, had become snake-pits, especially the Yodel forum. That there was, however, a great deal of valid criticism there is indisputable, so, perhaps, it should have been edited, not binned.

Let me remind you about the saga of Yodel and my KitchenAid Mixer. On November 25 I ordered the mixer from Amazon. It was despatched from Edinburgh on the 27th, and taken by Yodel to their base a Wednesbury, near Birmingham. In the process it went not just within a relatively few miles of me, but also of their Wrexham depot, only to be sent back from Wednesbury to Wrexham.

I ask you, is that by any measure efficient? OK, maybe Yodel don’t agree that a diversion off the M6 to Wrexham to drop off their packages would have been more efficient than taking them 62 miles past Wrexham, all the way to Wednesbury, then sending them 62 miles back, that’s their view – I don’t happen to share it.

Then while it was at Wrexham things took a little side-trip into the Twilight Zone (no, kiddies, it’s nothing to do with vampires – ask your grandparents!). For reasons that baffle me to this day, on November 30, the package was handed over to an unnamed courier company, after which it apparently disappeared from the known universe before, on December 2,reappearing and being delivered.

No, not to me – don’t be silly, that would have been too easy – back to bloody Yodel at Wrexham!

On December 5, at 11.41, it was listed as in transit but subject to possible delay. In transit to whom, or where, it didn’t say. Subsequently, at 16.38, it was marked as Out for delivery. Clearly, then, it had not been in transit at 11.41, as someone could have cycled here with it by 16.38. It also said it had been delivered 12 minutes later at 17.00. A bloody good trick seeing that they’re in Wrexham and I’m in Birkenhead, 34 miles away.

In actual fact it wasn’t delivered until 15.00 on the following day, December 6.

So let’s be absolutely clear about this – not only did Yodel display staggering incompetence (where the hell was my package for 2 days with the other courier, and why?), but they lied about it being delivered  on their website tracking page. And if they didn’t lie, then clearly they are so mind-numbingly stupid they don’t even know what day it is. Either way, they screwed up.

And here, so even Yodel’s lawyers can’t gainsay it, is the evidence from their own website.

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They were useless to the end, too. I had to send the mixer back, as it was far too small to be any use to me (if you’re tempted by the publicity, bear in mind that the KitchenAid mixers are small and underpowered big enough for only one loaf at a time). Arranging it with Amazon was a breeze, then I had to go to Yodel’s website and arrange collection. Amazon had suggested Thursday, December 8, but as I was going to be out, I changed it to Friday, the 9th.

Back came an email from Yodel, saying, and this is verbatim:-

Non-working date specified, collection re-booked for 12/12/2011

Seriously? Friday is a non-working day? In what universe? No wonder the buggers can’t cope, working a 4-day week. Or don’t they, as seems entirely possible, really know what day it is? With this, and the above confusion, that seems entirely possible.

So there we have it, proof that Yodel were, at least with my delivery, veritable paragons of utter, mind-boggling, buggeration.

And a note for Yodel’s version of the famous Sue, Grabbit, and Runne**; telling the verifiable truth might well be detrimental to Yodel but, surely, they brought it upon themselves, and if they don’t like it the solution is in their own hands – get their head out of their arse and do the job they’ve contracted for properly! Their clients are paying them to deliver their goods in a speedy and efficient manner, not bugger about sending stuff on side trips with other couriers, or recording deliveries 22 hours before they actually happened.

And if you get the urge to try to bully me, or my hosting service, into removing this post, be sure to come armed with a court order, and one valid in the USA where my blog is hosted. And one final thought, Yodel is doing itself no favours with this – these bullying tactics, which have zero validity unless backed up by  court orders, are no substitute for putting their house in order and doing what they are supposed to do.

Have a nice day.

** See Private Eye.


4 thoughts on “Yodel bullying Twitter into taking down tweets and closing accounts.

  1. I have to admit that I haven’t had any problems with Yodel, and hope that I’ve not jinxed that by posting this!

    My friend on the other hand has been driven crazy by their inability to deliver to her address, leaving parcels a few streets away, at an address that bears no relation to her address, apart from the number.

    • I do wonder if some couriers use Google Maps rather than standard satnav? I had a friend in Bournemouth who, on Google Maps, was located way down the street from her actual location.

      It’s possible, as Google Maps, in Street View, gives a visual of the property which might aid the hard of thinking. Unless, as so often happens, Google gets it wrong (my location is fine, but others I’ve looked at are hopeless).

      On the other hand, years ago, coming home from work, I bumped my bike up onto the pavement and thought “Oh, a new gate,” pushed it open, put the bike in gear to ride up the path – and realised I was in the wrong street!

  2. How do they cope when consumer progs criticise them? There was an article on Watchdog showing their level of incompetence.
    I’ve only had experience of them once & that was poor. They alleged delivery when they hadn’t. When they finally turned up it was thru a contractor who had a map print-off with the package. Where I live is easy to find on any sat nav device as I’ve never had problems with any other courier.
    As you say,stop pissing people off.

    • It was all over the papers too, back end of last year. I think they see Twitter as an easy target – sadly, they seem to be right.

      The problem is that the companies that make up Yodel used to have drivers who had regular routes, and knew where people lived, especially if they go a lot of deliveries. Now, though, with Yodel, there’s no continuity.

      This is another potential problem. A lot of online stores, despite having your name and address on file, use the Royal Mail Business database, and that’s riddled with errors. I vital part of my address is missing, for example, sending deliveries to a pub at the other end of the road! I fixed it with the sender – there seems to be no way of fixing it with Royal Mail!

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