Let’s have an end to pointless surveys…

Every time I look at a newspaper, it seems, one group or another is hardest – or worst – hit by this Osborne-engineered recession, the most recent being in the Observer, yesterday, claiming that “Recession hits middle-aged women worst, new research finds”.

This really does not help in the slightest. At best it’s pointless and confuses the issue, at worst it’s divisive, pissing off those who already know how badly hit they are, but are being ignored by these survey-mad oiks.

So, instead of coming up with new and pointless surveys every week or so, what we really need to do is accept – with banner headlines – that pretty much anyone who can be considered poor is likely to be in serious financial trouble, if not now then soon. And we don’t need a survey to tell us that – those of us at the sharp end already know.

So, please, end these pointless surveys which, very soon will, inevitably, embrace every at-risk group, if they haven’t all ready.