If we lose the NHS it’s our fault? Seriously?

The former regional director of public health for the South West, Dr Gabriel Scally, has accused the Government of using the current economic crisis to break up the NHS. (via This is Cornwall where there’s a shorter version of this in the comments.)

I don’t doubt he’s right, but he’s also said:-

“The NHS will only be destroyed if the people of this country let it be destroyed.”

And that seriously pisses me off, because it’s nothing but cheap rhetoric, contributing nothing to the argument. There are far too many people around, right now, telling us all that we have to do something, while not, themselves, having the slightest idea what that something might be.

So perhaps Dr. Scally would like to tell us what we, the people, can do?

It’s been proven over the past two years that marches, demonstrations and occupations accomplish precisely nothing, because they are ignored by government. So what else is there?

Come on, doc, don’t be shy – you’re saying it’ll be our fault if we lose the NHS, so how about some suggestions how not to lose it? What, exactly, can we do that is likely to be effective?

In your own time, doc.


2 thoughts on “If we lose the NHS it’s our fault? Seriously?

  1. Hi Ron. I’m a former NHS employee and after I indulged in a little telephone rant with my former clinical manager about the parlous state of this country she implied that I should get off of my arse and “do something about it.” Bitch

  2. what can one say? we all feel like headless chickens. that &*&(*% who calls himself our MP was neither put there by the people nor wanted there by most of us.he is a usurper who bought his way in cos he could. using his snake tongue (more than likely some money deal took place but bet it couldnt be proved if it did) to beguile clegg who like the boy he is, fell for his charm.clegg had the choice not the people. where is he now? you hardly here about or from him

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