G4S might well be crap, but they’ve been royally screwed…

I recall that, months ago (if anyone cares to search the Guardina’s archives, it’s in there somewhere), LOCOG predicted this shortfall when they asked G4S to provide 10,000 more warm bodies than the 2,000 they’d initially contracted for. Which, in the time available, was very unlikely to happen and, to no-one’s surprise but those closest to this farce, it hasn’t.

So why is so much effort being expended to make this look like a last minute cock-up on the part of G4S? That they have a history of screwing up is undeniable, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look beyond them

The cock-up, surely, isn’t just by G4S, it’s also by those whose job it was to get the numbers right in the first place, and see that they were recruited and trained in a timely manner, and clearly failed – LOCOG. Why aren’t they getting their share of this shitstorm?

The real failure of G4S lies in not telling LOCOG to sod off when they asked for 10k more people – they must surely have known that recruiting and training so many people in so short a time, was impossible.

Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be one person wetting himself with glee over this, as it provides the opportunity to put even more troops on the ground – the Control-Freak-in-Chief, David Cameron.


4 thoughts on “G4S might well be crap, but they’ve been royally screwed…

  1. Ron, the one thing that no one is mentioning about this fiasco is G4S’s failure to come good on other contractual agreements, such as providing temp accommodation for the security staff. My oldest is a qualified security guard, holding a total of 4 different relevant SIA qualifications who could have worked for G4S right from the start. he applied and was verbally offered a post as a supervisor, this was 18 months ago. Since then he has heard NOTHING from G4S, who have failed to answer his texts, emails and phone calls. He was prepared to work at the below tariff rates of pay that were on offer for the experience and kudos of having been on the Olympic security detail. He is working now for another sports event, on more than twice the hourly rate offered by G4S, with hotel accommodation, and full board included! Plus his present employer has given all of the security detail Olympic tickets as a sort of bonus, needles to say his is glad G4S cocked up, this gig is way better!
    the long and the short of it is, G4S have delusions of grandeur, they can’t run the other services they offer, why would anyone think that the Olympics would be any better?

    • I think the main problem with G4S isn’t that they’re incompetent – that’s hardly a secret to be honest – the problem is with the undoubtedly corrupt officials** who keep awarding them contracts in the face of their incompetence. Doubtless the same people who are throwing taxpayers money at the terminally inept and deeply corrupt Serco.

      **If not corrupt then they’re so goddamned stupid they should be put down for the good of the country.

      They’re the people who should be in the dock, along with LOCOG, who are fucking up the Olympics massively. And with the Olympics and the NHS sell-off, so many government palms must have been greased I’m surprised half of them can hold a coffee cup – as for Cameron, the grease seems to have covered him entirely 😉

  2. Read the local Police Federation magazine today, full of the woes of proposed privatisation and the rise of G4S. Then… watched Mr. Buckles being lobotomised by Keith Vaz and his crew, who were all singing from the same song sheet for once! It was glorious work, the odious Buckles squirming and practically shitting bricks, as he watched his career fly out of the window. Excellent!!

    These G4S types have always been a bit of a joke, but this whole Olympic shambles has shown them in their true light. What must Lincolnshire Police be thinking, having signed a big contract with these blighters, only to see them make a massive SNAFU of the most important public event that the UK will see this century. It gratifies me to see that this bubbling pot of excrement is delicately balanced over the heads of our beloved Home Secretary and her gang, who have been caught short when the music stopped. It must be galling to them, but whoever thought that G4S could have done their bit in the first place. Their judgement is seriously flawed. This is pay back time!

    Once again it is the good old boys in blue, their colleagues in dark blue, green and light blue that ride to the rescue. Many of those military types also have the worry of looking out for a P45 in the post every morning… but they WILL do the job, no matter what. The alternative G4S solution? Well, who was it said ‘…Pay peanuts and you get monkeys’.

    What a sad joke this Government is presiding over…

    • What baffles me are the comments I’ve seen bitching about G4S only starting recruiting this year for the Olympics. I don’t see a problem. Surely nobody in their right mind would recruit years in advance for a casual job lasting just a few weeks, only to see the workforce vanish in the interim? That would be lunacy, just as was LOCOG expecting them to come up with another 10,000.

      That G4S should have been able to come up with 2,000 adequately trained and English-speaking staff in a timely manner is beyond doubt. That they didn’t is a massive failure.

      As for the additional 10k, than fuck-up is entirely down to LOCOG, or possibly May, or both, as it was never going to happen no matter whether it was G4S or some other company. Recruiting and training so many people in so short a time was impossible.

      Criticise G4S when they deserve it – god knows there’s no shortage of opportunities – but not when they don’t.

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