Reply to Arrowe Park Hospital’s censorship attempt…

This is the text of my email to Arrowe Park hospital, in response to their attempt to censor my blog:-


With reference to your letter of July 26, in which you attempt to censor my blog, I must ask you to clarify exactly what it is you think is unsuitable for publication.

From my perspective, my blog posts accurately reflect my frequently abysmal experiences at APH, both of late and over the previous 27 years and, while critical and, admittedly (and justifiably), angry at times, they are not in any way libellous.

I accept that you might be unhappy at my criticism but that, of itself, is not grounds for asking me to take down or amend blog posts (and in the latter instance, since you give me no clue, I would have no idea what to amend), and I stand by every word I’ve written.

And I would respectfully suggest that, when faced with legitimate criticism, the best course of action is to address the cause of that  criticism, not shoot the messenger.

I await your reply with interest.


Ronald W. Graves.

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