The Chronically Sick and Disabled need your help – now.

One of my tweeps** retweeted my Paralympics press release earlier today, appending a note saying “He took days to write this”.

**Twitter follower/followee

Now that’s OK, I know exactly what Jeni meant because at some point on Twitter I’d said it myself – I had been so ill when I wrote it – Arrowe Park Hospital screwing with my life yet again – that it took me three days to write a 1,444-word blog post, then edit and correct it. Under normal circumstances, I’d have knocked that out in a little over an hour, but things were a long way from normal, as regular readers will know.

It was worth the effort, though, because it badly needed saying, and judging by the reaction to it, both in the comments and on Twitter, it had clearly needed saying exactly at that time – and another tweep, Bev, has worked her socks off retweeting it every chance she got, and every retweet brought in new readers.

At the time of writing (17:15, August 20), it’s been up 16 days, and has been read 1,205 times, been retweeted169 times, and posted to Facebook 181 times. And they’re the ones that I know about – there’s no telling how far it’s been passed around on FB for example

I’ve also emailed it to every newspaper and broadcast medium that I could last week. About 15 of them were undelivered, either because  addresses had changed or because the email systems treated it as spam, so they’ll have to be resent manually if I can find addresses (I used the bulk email list I’d used in support of the TUC march last year).

And I’ve not had a single response from anyone. The Guardian, in particular, I expected some sort of reaction from as I sent it both to the society editor (disability benefits news ends up in the society section), and the news editor. I’m also dropping it into the comment section where it seems a appropriate – and this is where I need your help.

What I’d like you to do, please, is take a moment of your time, copy and paste the press release (link at the top), and email it with a link back to the original (so recipients get to see the comments), to pretty much anyone you can think of who might be influential, because once the Paralympics gets under way – probably even before that – this government is going to do its level best to ensure that the Chronically Sick and Disabled community will become pariahs.

That’s what my press release is aimed at preventing, but there’s only one of me, and I’m dying – there is a limit to what I can do.

So please, whether you’re a member of the CS&D community or not, do get behind this.

Especially, perhaps, if you’re able-bodied, because one day you, or a family member, could very easily be in the position in which we now find ourselves – none of us ever expected to be dependent upon the state for our very survival, or to have that support removed from us, as is happening to far too many people.

Hell, I was as fit as I could possibly be; fitter than most people, in fact. Up until 1984 I was an active backpacker and rambler, walking at least a thousand miles a year, sometimes a lot more. But, in the autumn of  1985 I developed agonising pain in my thigh muscles, and in less than a year I was in a wheelchair, and drawing Invalidity Benefit and Mobility Allowance, as they were then, instead of wages, and it’s been downhill ever since.

So please, get behind this and help us get the message out to as many people as possible, because if we don’t change the public’s perception of us now, our very own equivalent of Kristallnacht is surely not far away.

If disability could come out of nowhere  and wreck my life, it can happen to anybody.

5 thoughts on “The Chronically Sick and Disabled need your help – now.

    • Acceptance – which is NOT giving in – will, I’m sure, make a big difference to your life. By the sound of it, you might also be depressed – it’s not at all unusual. CBT is, for most things, a crock, but it is very good for developing coping mechanisms, and – depending on what ails you – joining a support group, either in person or online, might help.

      Depending on your degree of disability, there’s a hell of a lot on this blog that might be useful too.

      There’s an sort of all-purpose online support group here You don’t need any specific condition to join, and there’s a section if you just want to vent! Don’t be put off by the low numbers – it’s new.

  1. Putting this here in case it’s of use…

    “Message from the Independent. Please get in touch with them – we need to raise public awareness of what’s happening:

    We are really keen to focus on Atos throughout the Paralympics,so any help from DPAC would be great.

    I am really keen to speak to disabled people who have had the following experiencing with the WCA:

    Family member who committed suicide as a result of being found fit to work

    someone who turned up for their assessment to have it cancelled because no health professional around

    someone who has inaccurate information recorded by the assessor

    I am totally open to anything new – so please do keep ion touch and pass on my details (work number please).

    Many thanks

    Nina Lakhani
    The Independent
    News Desk
    0203 615 2103

  2. RON….@) your a STAR 🙂 and, from following you for a while (thanks my lovely) you doooooo sound so much better, puter words wise, sound much much better!!! and your back still fighting for US diabled people THANK YOU… Get inntouch withe the CROSSROADS WOMENS CENTRE…(NOT JUST WOMEN) in kentish town london, who have and unbielevabal (GOT THAT WRONG SPELLING?:)
    help (charity) going on, and fighting for our rights, you and they would be of so much help to US ALL in England 🙂 Speak to Clare, she;s lovely:) x
    I’m lucky enough to have my old GP (35 years) woooo hoooooo 🙂 So, my ME/CFS, RHA disease, Diabetes type 2, hypertension?? blood pressure..175/85
    high cholesterol, minor things like…have to carry epipens, dudenol ulcer, hiatas hernier, had bowel cancer, MRSA, Tracyotomy, rhumatoid artheritus, (sorry about spellings, not literate..yet:) You are a STAR RON x

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