Cameron’s hatred of the sick and disabled is increasingly lethal…

A tweet on Twitter asks “1,100 disabled people died last year after they were found “fit for work”. Is the risk of 1% cheating worse than this?”

The answer of course, would be a resounding no, except for the fact that this has nothing to do with fraud, or the inability of this country to support (and, of late, to protect), its most vulnerable citizens.

It has nothing to do with fraud because it has everything to do with hatred.

I’ve said this many times before, but it’s worth repeating – David Cameron’s hatred of the sick and disabled is not, on any level, sane. Nor, indeed, is the torrent of lies from IDS remotely rational – like attracts like, apparently. Both, though, aided by the right-wing press and the BBC, are directly responsible for the increase in violence against disabled people.

I believe, and I know I’m not alone in this, that Cameron’s hatred (I’ve no idea what IDS’s motives are), has its origins in the death of his disabled son, Ivan – in Cameron’s deluded and perverted world view, he hates us because we are alive and – according to him – thriving on state handouts. That latter is lunatic enough – what we are doing is surviving in poverty – that’s the reality of life on benefits. What we are being reduced to, thanks to him, is a penury that will make survival impossible for many.

An alternative view, put to me by another blogger, is that Cameron, in his hatred, is using his late son’s disability as a benchmark against which we are all judged by Atos, and inevitably found wanting.

I think we’re both right – how else to explain the more deranged decisions of Atos? Make no mistake, Atos is not a rogue company, dedicated to destroying the lives of sick and disabled people, they are carrying out the wishes of both Cameron and, as Goebbels to Cameron’s Hitler, Iain Duncan Smith, whose Lie Factory churns out disinformation and outright lies seemingly without end.

What? You didn’t seriously think the papers were making this shit up did you? Well, maybe some of it, but most comes from the IDS propaganda machine, inspired by Goebbels’ dictum, “The bigger the lie, the more readily it’s believed.”  Free BMWs on the state, anyone?

And if you think dragging in Hitler and Goebbels is a tad extreme, think again. The sick and disabled people’s position in this benighted country is directly analogous to that of the Jews in Nazi Germany, pre-Kristallnacht – which is to say, for those having comprehension problems, that we are official, government-approved, hate figures, who are blamed for most of the financial ills of the country.

It is indisputably true that the disabled were also targeted in Nazi Germany, as were homosexuals and Gypsies, many thousands of whom were also shipped off to the death camps, but the primary targets of Hitler’s Nazi government were the Jews, just as we, the chronically sick and disabled, are the primary targets of Cameron’s government. And as a result, violence against disabled people is spiralling out of control – check out Nicky Clark’s article in the Indy if you doubt that.

Until the cancers of Cameron, IDS, and also Grayling (not to mention Maria Miller as Minister Against Disabled People), are extirpated, and IDS’s SpAds cast to the winds, shutting down his propaganda machine, nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is going to change.

That, sadly, unless the coalitions self-destructs which seems possible but unlikely, given how spineless the LimpDems are, that won’t happen until 2015.

But if Cameron is returned with a working majority in 2015, then brace yourselves, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I’ll give him a year, before he announces that we, as a country, can only afford to support the sick and disabled if all benefits are stopped, and we are all housed communally in camps and/or workhouses (there’ll be a few empty hospitals and army camps, by then, that can be utilised).

We would be housed, clothed, fed, and medicated (and I have no doubt that this will all be to the most cheese-paring level they can get away with), but that’s all.

And the right-wing press will lap it up because, quite simply, it would be represent a massive saving in money – at the cost of a massive destruction of the human rights of, conceivably, millions of sick and disabled people. And there would be more savings, and more vacant buildings, and more grief, as those who are responsible for paying disability benefits are emptied out, surplus to requirements.

And bear in mind, you disabled people reading this and dismissing it as a fantasy dreamed up by a member of a persecuted minority, it could so very easily be you – you, and your family, are just one birth defect, bacterium, virus, age-related illness/disability, or accident away from joining our ranks.

Have a nice day – while you can.

NB: Apologies to regular readers who have read similar posts, but new readers come along all the time, and not everyone ploughs through my back catalogue of over 1,700 posts.

And, of course, it never hurts to remind people either.

It seems I need to make this point clear, vis-a-vis Rule 7, which says: Comments based on the premise that I’m wrong and you’re right will be consigned to oblivion, as there is no scope for discussion or consensus. Nor do I have the energy to spare/waste.** This isn’t a debating chamber.

**Regular readers know why this is.

That, by the way, isn’t as arrogant as it sound. In matters of fact I’ve no objection to being shown I’m wrong, and if I am I’ll correct where necessary. In matters of opinion, or extrapolation from known facts, as in this post, sorry, your opinion is worth no more than mine, and as it’s my blog, mine wins. 😉

You’re perfectly entitled to hold views contrary to mine, of course, hell, it would be a dull world if people didn’t, but don’t expect me to give you a platform – go write your own blog.

9 thoughts on “Cameron’s hatred of the sick and disabled is increasingly lethal…

  1. I wish it was not true, but methinks you’ve nailed it again Ron. And not for the first time either.

  2. There have been some arguments on FB about equating the policies of the ConDem govt with those of the Third Reich, some people said we shouldn’t do this because it’s an insult to the victims……but I think it’s a perfectly legitimate form of political protest, all the points you made above about persecution of the disabled are in fact true,

    • Indeed, they are true, and the wilful blindness of the German people at the time is echoed in our own today.

      Personally, I feel the only insult to the victims of the Holocaust is in the misappropriation of the symbols of the Holocaust, like the Black Triangle. I know a lot of others feel the same way. I don’t see that pointing up the parallels between what’s happening now and what happened 70-odd years ago offends anybody who is not actually seeking to be offended.

      The only reason such parallels should not be drawn would be if they’re wrong. Sadly, I don’t believe they are. Hell, the final conclusions I drew don’t even need the backing of history – they’re a logical extrapolation based on the behaviour of this government to date.

      If I were a psychopath, and in Cameron’s shoes, it’s what I’d do, and if I can figure it out I’m damn sure he can.

  3. On the button Ron ! What worries me is that people don’t realise what’s happening and they’ll remain oblivious until it’s too late to change anything or that it directly affects them.
    I use Facebook to mainly keep in touch with family who are scattered around this island. A recent post one of my tribe liked commented on how good the NHS is. A comment in the thread stated “if any government tried to take the NHS away there’d be an uprising”
    It’s amazing that there’s people out there that don’t watch TV news,don’t read newspapers and live their lives in a blissful stupor. Then one day,WHAM,something affects them and they need help. But it’s too late then,they should’ve done something beforehand.
    This is what’s happening now and it’s scary for those of us it’s directly affecting and everyone else couldn’t give a damm.
    A sad indication of what this country has become. Too much “me,me,me” attitude.

    • What this country needs is a full-scale uprising but, like most people, I have no idea how to get one off the ground, and anyone who tried would be in jail so fast their feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

      In fact, if you can be jailed for 4 years for being drunk, and trying – but failing miserably – to organise a riot of FB, you’d probably simply disappear if you tried to raise a rebellion.

      People are doing nothing because they’ve seen how useless anything legal, like demos, marches, and occupations can be, as they’re simply ignored, and participants arrested on trumped-up charges. Though personally I find occupations a bit dumb; protesting about the Stock Exchange by camping out at St. Paul’s was absurd. Not to mention getting your skull fractured and suffer brain damage at a demo, by the out-of-control Met, and you’re the one winds up in court. How’s that for justice?

      Nope, I don’t see what we can do that will be both legal and effective. A general strike might be effective in bringing down the coalition, but everybody would suffer and there’s a huge risk that people would be so pissed off (support for the strike would soon turn to blame when people got cold and hungry), they’d vote Cameron back with a majority – they we’d be really screwed.

  4. Hit the nail on the head m8 I’ve been saying all along that Cameron feels some sort of loathing for the sick and disabled because of the death of his son and its use that will take the brunt of his pain, put on the point that we shouldn’t use the word “Nazi” to describe Cameron is absorb why should we not use it – but its ok for the Jewish to use it wile killing the Palestine people.

    • There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t describe Cameron and Co. as Nazis – they all dress the same, in dark, sharp suits – all that’s lacking is the silver detailing and jackboots.

      However, the Palestinian question has no place here – we have our own war to fight.

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