Not austerity – but attrition and extermination…

Really, there’s other way to describe the latest obscenity to ooze its way out of the DWP – chronically sick and disabled people will be fined £71 per week from their already meagre benefits if they are too ill to participate in workfare or other makework bullshit.

This will have no other result but to render people, possibly a great many people, unable to keep a roof over their heads and food in their belly, and will inevitably cause deaths, potentially a great many – it makes Hitler’s gas chambers look almost merciful by comparison. And a bloody sight more honest.


There is not, there can never be, any justification for such a savagely inhuman, and inhumane, policy – Cameron, IDS, Osborne and Grayling should be indicted before the European Court of Human Rights, charged with engineering genocide.

Hyperbole? Let’s hope so…

By the way, a fine is punishment for a crime – where, exactly, is the criminality in this scheme? Other than the scheme itself, of course.


6 thoughts on “Not austerity – but attrition and extermination…

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  2. apparently this news has been out some time or so i am told. but i hadnt seen it. the popular belief is it aint gonna happen. but then again, it has happened in other countries so could happen here.
    at the mo i am so tired of it all, physically and mentally and it aint affecting me as it is so many others.

    • No reason it won’t happen. I don’t think it even needs to go through Parliament, the act that enables fines has already been passed.

      I’ve been writing about this crap for over three years – it does get wearing.

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