The elimination of the chronically sick and disabled?

The Internet is rife with people hopping up and down in fury, yelling that “We have to do something!” about the way the lives of chronically sick and disabled people are being fucked up by this Nazi-lite government. Of course, for all the sound and fury, no bugger ever offers a suggestion as to what we actually can do.

I have no idea either. Demos, marches, occupations – all have been ignored politically, so what’s the alternative?

The only solution seems to be the ballot box, but even that’s not guaranteed, and between now and 2015, these bastards can still do a whole lot more damage and, indeed, are hell-bent of doing so, as I said late last night in this post: Not austerity – but attrition and extermination… .

That’s a policy whose sole aim is the destruction of a large swath of the chronically sick and disabled community by, at a stroke – a hackneyed term but apposite – reducing a potentially huge number of people to penury, without the money to feed, house, or even clothe themselves, the longer it goes on. Homelessness, deaths and suicides are pretty much inevitable.

But look again at this new policy of rendering sick and disabled people penniless – it makes no sense, morally or logically. It’s not even that beneficial to government financially – so what’s behind it?

Can this be a deliberate move to put sick and disabled people on the streets which, of course, should be unacceptable, so the government will step in and house these people at state expense, probably in disused army camps, or workhouses, feed them, minimally, clothe them, ditto, and medicate them from the shittier end of the generics market. The thin end of the wedge for all of us.

And so it begins…


9 thoughts on “The elimination of the chronically sick and disabled?

  1. You are soooo right!! and, WHAT can WE do????.., WE could all get together on a different web site and give our opinions !!! With all our fights/rights to be treated humanely/properly! Everyone will have stories…but telling them is so hard to do!!!
    Lets do someth ing NOW! all th oughts, ideas WELCOME 🙂
    What you think Ron?

    Darcy x

    • What I think, Darcy, I wouldn’t say in a public forum like this, and I urge everybody else to take heed. I have little doubt that like FB and Twitter, campaigning bloggers are monitored too.

      Never forget the drunk guy on FB who got 4 years for FAILING to organise a riot. The police state is already with us, can can only get worse.

      Getting people together in one place is an idea, but needs some thought.

  2. If they can get all the sick and disabled out of the way they can say there’s no need for the sickness benefits system and scrap it. That opens the way for the private insurance company Unum (who are behind this) to step into this enormous market. See? It’s just business.

    • Seriously? Did the last three years, David Freud, James Purnell, Cameron’s insane hatred and IDS’s dishonesty not happen? Was the global recession created just to favour Unum now?

  3. I personally believe we all have to do everything we can as individuals and collectively to make sure the truth about the way we are being (mis)treated gets out into the able persons world via MPs, Legal advisor’s, Consultants and everyone who has a voice loud enough to be heard by this government.

    I know how hard this is and I do accept many people are not in a place where they feel they can fight back hence trying to connect with someone who just might!

    • How we’re being treated and mistreated isn’t a secret – even the Russian press has noticed.

      The difficulty lies in what I’ve been trying to do for the past 3 years (along with others, some of whom are no longer around), and that’s changing the public’s perception of the chronically sick and disabled community by countering the disinformation and outright lies being circulated by government and right-wing press, which started with David Purnell’s lie-fest in the Telegraph, in which he accused most IB claimants of being frauds.

      He started this whole anti-disability campaign, under Labour, let’s not forget (though Cameron rewarded him with a peerage when he defected), and has barely stopped lying since.

      And IDS has a propaganda machine that would have made Joseph Goebbels green with envy. The insane lies that appear in the press don’t spring full-blown from nowhere – free BMWs, anyone? – they emanate from the DWP.

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