Milk dependence?

In COPD, it’s absolutely essential to be able to clear the accumulated sputum-crap from one’s lungs. I mentioned a while back that this had become almost impossible, which I put this down to the dehydration caused by long-term diuretic use.

However, I’ve just spotted a blog post about milk intolerance, and there was the loud TING! of a plummeting penny.

You see, it might not be dehydration at all – or not entirely, at least. I used to drink quite a lot of milk, up to 16 pints of semi-skimmed a week at its peak, but in recent years more like 6. Dairy products have a bad rep for creating “phlegm” but, in my case, what it appeared to do was keep the secretions in my lungs soft and eminently removable (it might also have increased them in quantity, but that’s not really important).

What is important is that in an attempt to improve my health, I stopped drinking milk a couple of months ago, which is about when this problem started. The only way to know if the absence of milk is the culprit is to start drinking it again, and I shall, not least because the total absence of milk from my diet, as well as apparently screwing up my lungs, has removed a major source of calcium, and stopped me making porridge, or having breakfast cereal as a snack when I feel too buggered even to heat up a pie. Several downsides, then, and few, if any, perceivable benefits.

True, I’ve lost weight (I’m losing weight so fast it’s starting to get worrying), but even when I was drinking milk my calorie intake was still well under 1,000 a day.

So I’m going back to milk. A week or two should be enough to tell if my theory about my lungs is correct, and as long as I keep it to 6 pints a week, there should be no problems. And even if the weight loss goes into reverse, it’ll be worth it if my lungs are less obstructed – no point in being slimmer if I can’t bloody breathe!

Initially, I’m going for whole milk, to kick-start its phlegmy side-effects, then revert to semi-skimmed when (if?), my lungs get back to normal. Normal for me, that is…


2 thoughts on “Milk dependence?

  1. How weird. ive just recently been told i have some intolerance to milk. like you .i used to drink /use a heck of a lot.upto 5 years ago ,was always full fat milk. then started using semi skimmed for cereal and skimmed for drinks. i was having cereal for brekky and supper but most took a lot of milk. eventually found rice krispies or their cheaper equivalent took a lot less milk. was also making my coffee,mostly decaf, with all skimmed milk. about 5 mugs a day.
    other milky things like mousses and custards etc. too.
    then i developed what the docs called borderline diabetes. so had to take my diet into account but cos most of the milk i was using was skimmed i didnt think much of that. then i developed loose bowels. not good at all. it seems that the amount of milk i was using caused that so i have cut out all coffee made entirely with milk, gone back to tea mostly plus the odd cup of normal coffee made with water and a small amount of skimmed milk if i start falling asleep at stupid o clock which i was doing.and still do at times.have cut out my brekky cereal but still have some krispies at night with only a little milk on them.(no sugar). eat a lot of low sugar jelly for puddings now. only very occasionally do i have anything with custard on it.
    so diet sorted plus fibogel once a day after brekky (was twice but doc suggested trying just the one after a few weeks and so far ok) i seem to be ok again. family stresses have also lessened tho so could also be a contributing factor if IBS symptoms are there too. like you ive now lost a further half a stone in about 5/6 weeks. took me 18months to lose the other stone i had put on after stopping smoking.but now seem to have plateaued out for past 2 weeks. i have put myself on daily multi vitamins though as i feel im not eating enough now to get what i need from my food. appetite isnt too good and hasnt been for some time but maybe just age related. seem to feel a bit better and slightly more lively on those, though i also suspect being in this small bungalow doesnt help. im much better usually when i get taken out to the moors,countryside and /or coast. so boredom probly has something to do with it. typing takes it out on my shoulders, neck and back and i land up with headaches often when doing too much on pc now.thyroid function is now back to normal after being borderline for past year(30 years of treatment for hypothyroid and only the past year has it been borderline. rest of time its been ok on thyroxine..also tested for anaemia but im fine there too so whats causing the tiredness is a mystery right now. all that milk over the years doesnt appear to have bothered my COPD though,
    so anyway seems milk ISNT as good for some of us as its supposed to be.
    hope you feel better soon

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