End the rhetoric of division – all on benefits should unite…

“Freezing benefits would mean an all-out assault on poor families,” thus Alison Garnham (CEO Child Poverty Action Group), in the Guardian.

My comment in response:-

Can we please have an end to this divisive crap? Freezing benefits would mean an all-out assault on EVERYBODY who is dependent on benefits – we’re all bloody poor.

Which is perfectly true, but we constantly see professional axe-grinders like Garnham complaining that their group is going to be hit harder than anybody else, whether it turns out to be true or not. Before the month is out, we’ll doubtless have others making exactly the same claim for their pet causes. We’ve seen it repeatedly over the last 2.5 years, with people defending their own little empire instead of making common cause with each other.

And it IS divisive. We are ALL being screwed by this deeply corrupt and massively incompetent government for the same spurious reasons, and it’s high time we united in a common cause against them, and ended this utterly pointless and destructive parochialism.

Not that I have any confidence that it will actually happen…