Cameron and the curse of the false premise…

Oh dear – “Guardian hack gets her knickers in a twist over nothing,” is what the headline should say. Instead it says “Many ‘low fat’ foods have similar calorie count to standard products, study finds”.

This is a fundamental error that often find its way into the pages of Which? magazine and, in fact, they are responsible for the Guardian’s pointless drivel. The fact is, low fat is not, and never has been, synonymous with low calorie. Unless someone is wrongly claiming otherwise, there is no story here. And they’re not. This whole farrago of nonsense is based on the stupidity and ignorance of the public, nothing more.

But, hey, this is a newspaper, and facts rarely get in the way of a story, even one as naff as this. I’m a member of Which, by the way, but egregious, utterly pointless, non-stories like this give me an urge to ask for my money back.

It’s obvious to anybody with even a nodding acquaintance with a kitchen, that if you omit an ingredient, yet want the finished product to be more or less the same, that ingredient has to be replaced with something which will give the desired result.

In baked goods that often means replacing fat with sugar, or with the products of a chemical lab that mimic fat without the, er, fat. Neither is particularly desirable – and not remotely necessary.

It’s a fact that if you reduce the fat in a biscuit, say, adding a lot of extra sugar will give you roughly the same crunch, but why bother? Nobody lives on biscuits, or cakes. No-one normal, anyway.

All these food scares, and the whining, like today’s, are based on what is known as a false premise (an argument based on something that is wrong or untrue), just to make a people-scaring point.

Cameron dispenses that sort of false premise like a paedophile with candy** – his favourite being that sick and disabled people don’t work (which any sane person would know is “can’t work”), therefore they are scroungers and a drain on the state and on hard-working citizens. And violence against the sick and disabled has rocketed as a direct result.

**He does tend to get a tad overwrought about the sexualisation of children – perhaps he doth protest too much? Or is that a false premise?

See the danger, Dave, you greasy, lying, fuckstain?

False premises lead journalists to write garbage.

False premises promulgated by lying politicians, like Cameron, get people killed.