Time to sue Three.co.uk for failure to refund my money…

The following letter has been faxed to Three, in Maidenhead, a few minutes ago. No more chances for these incompetent pricks.


Dear Sirs,

I am in receipt of your letter of September 14 to which I replied on September 20, by fax.

I would remind you of the following facts:-

  • You did not deliver my order as scheduled on August 16. I therefore cancelled my order the following day as I had every right to do under the terms of the Distance Selling Regulations.
  • It transpired that my order was delivered to somebody who, quite clearly, was not me – wrong name, address unknown (to me, at least).
  • Despite that, you chose to apply my £99 deposit to an account that was being operated by somebody who, I say again, was clearly not me – this despite frequent communications from me by fax, by email, and online pointing out that I had received neither goods nor services from you, had, in fact, cancelled the order, and demanding the return of my £99.
  • The fact that the courier delivered my order to a third party who – and I can’t reiterate this too often – was absolutely, and clearly, not me, is not associated with me, and is unknown to me, is not my concern.
  • Your dispute is with the person who has stolen the order intended for me and fraudulently used the associated account, and with the courier company who delivered it to the wrong address. It is not with me. You have, therefore, no justification for failing to refund my money.
  • I would remind you that I am housebound, and had DPD delivered the order to the correct address I was here to take delivery. They did not.
  • You were, as a company, clearly aware of the fact of my cancellation, as is evident from the email I received from Kruti Andharia, of Three customer services (TRACKING NUMBER:  A00006796363-00019841465), on August 21 in reply to my cancellation email of August 17), and yet through what I can only assume was staggering incompetence and a total inability to make a simple association, this failed to ring alarm bells, even though the account was in use (by a third party).
  • In the face of all my claims for a refund, and assertions that I had cancelled the order, it was wholly improper to apply my deposit to an account which you had no reasonable basis to assume was in use by me.
  • You had a legal obligation to return my money within 30 days of cancellation. You have not done so. I have no option, therefore, but to inform you that if the money is not in my bank account by close of business on Wednesday, September 26, which gives you ample time, I shall have no alternative but to initiate county court proceedings for its recovery.
  • This is my last word on the subject – you will be given no more leeway.

If you have anything to say in response, please reply by email to the address at the top of this letter before close of business on Wednesday, September 26. Do not telephone. I have asked you repeatedly not to phone but to email me, yet you persist in ignoring my wishes, which I can only ascribe to wilful stupidity. I will communicate only in writing, because you clearly cannot be trusted, and I want a written record.

Yours faithfully,


Yep, I know it’s a tad repetitive, deliberately so, for emphasis, to try to pound into their thick skulls that there is no justification for failing to refund my money.

Do I think it’ll work? No.

6 thoughts on “Time to sue Three.co.uk for failure to refund my money…

  1. 3 always have been a bunch of wankers (IMO) and I had nothing but problems with them. They continued to take money from my husbands bank despite the phone contract being cancelled, for 6 months. (He wasnt the sharpest at checking his statements, until I drilled it into him) I had to fight for recovery of the money. They are incompetent and stupid beyond belief. Even after all the trouble, lies and battle for a refund they STILL offered to retain the contract for me should I wish to reinstate the number for future use !!!

    • I found out, early on, that they’d set up a Direct Debit (to be fair, that and taking the deposit would have been done automatically – no excuse for dragging their feet though), so I binned it. I still check back to ensure they haven’t sneaked another one in!

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