Not Welfare Reform, but a cull of the sick and disabled…

Can’t let this slip by without comment:-

The Government have admitted that 11,000 people forced on to work-related activity after assessments have died before getting work – Michael Meacher, MP. (Source)

As I’ve said before, most recently here Welfare Reform is nothing but the destruction of the welfare state, and a state-sanctioned cull of the chronically sick and disabled. 11,000 dead simply confirms that.


4 thoughts on “Not Welfare Reform, but a cull of the sick and disabled…

  1. Wow Ron, simply shocking. Incredible ‘back to work’ story tonight on the guardian online. Young woman who is unable to make a cup of tea or cross the road has been recommended to return to workplace.

    • Yep, saw that – it’s all over Twitter tonight. Atos are clearly making decisions based on nothing more than pulling names out of a hat.

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  3. no wonder people stop fighting and give up. a lot of those wont have the mental let alone physical energy to fight for themselves and a lot dont have family/friends willing or able to fight for them..the organisations that could are being stopped through lack of funding/donations (no one can afford to donate as much now and the government are stopping a lot of the funding from central government// local government too are having to axe funding THEY usually give too.) people justc dont know who to turn to anymore. CAB? your lucky to get through to them here let alone get an appointment.

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