Government snooping by the back door…

Personal login details for social networking sites, bank accounts and personal mobile phone accounts could be used be used as official proof of identity to access public services, the Cabinet Office has confirmed, say the Guardian.

Seriously? Just a tad Orwellian – give them this info and they’ll have a bloody big window into our lives.

There is an extremely low limit to the amount of highly personal information I will willingly give this corrupt government. They already have my current account details and then only because it’s unavoidable – that’s my limit.

Social networking details, mobile phone accounts, strike me as just another plank in the government’s let’s spy on the proles plans. Plus the fact that neither of those are 100% secure, as the number of spam calls I get on my mobe demonstrates.

If the government wants to create a secure login system, every native-borne citizen of this country (no idea about immigrants), is in possession of two unique numbers, their National Insurance number and their National Health number. They, along with a very secure password, should be perfectly adequate for any official government needs up to and including online voting.

Anyway, disclosing social networking and mobile phone details is a total crock and not remotely necessary. If it were, what would happen to the millions who want no part of social networking, don’t have computers, or mobile phones?

The government will have to make arrangements for them – they can do the same for the rest of us.


7 thoughts on “Government snooping by the back door…

  1. couldnt agree more. even if the government werent out to GET us all and WERE reasonably trustworthy, i still wouldnt want them having more than theyve already got.and thats far more than im happy with anyway.,

  2. I recommend clicking through to not just because it mentions me but it adds, to the points I made, some important points that didn’t occur to me (too busy trying to make sure my last meal stayed where it was put!), about benefit claimants disclosing too much information on FB and Twitter. Twitter, especially, is a huge risk, as unless your account is private, anybody can see it.

    • phew. that took some reading. lot on there to take in.
      its not just what YOU put on these social media sites either. other day someone i know put a link in fb to a site about Fibromyalgia. yes he has it but what followed he did not deserve. a so called mate, whose benefit money hadnt arrived in his bank was so peeved off he took it out on his mate by putting a comment saying this mate was putting it on and that he, (the lad i know) had said that if he has to go for a medical he would make sure he had done far too much the day before so he would be at his worst on the day of the medical. i dont know if the lad HAD said that but there was no need for his mate to blaze it across facebook like that just cos dss had let HIM down.

      • The first thing he needs to do is unfriend the bugger, the second is to deliver a bloody good kicking. This is just one of many reasons why I have nothing to do with FB these days. Twitter is far better.

        As to the guy making himself worse, if he did (and if so he should have kept quiet), I have no problem with that. The current assessment process isn’t honest, so you do what you have to do to maximise your chances. Anyway, being at one’s best would present an equally false picture.

        When I had my DLA medical, I got a real live doctor, so no need to fake anything – he found it for himself. And THAT is the only honest way of doing it. Though, of course, with multiple, overlapping, and complex conditions, a veritable battery of of consultants would be needed!

        • this friend isnt one he met on fb. they have been friends for some years and this friend is frequently among the group my son knocks around with so short of telling em all to bugger off and then he has no friends close by, hes stumped there. as for a good kicking my son dont use violence but even if he did in the past he couldnt now due to his fibromyalgia.he needs his friends more now than ever. he lives 5 miles from either me or his sis and his father lives at the coast some 76 miles away. not that he would be much help anyway. never was.
          think with fibro any medical would depend on wether the examiner accepts it as a medical condition. a lot dont./ plus so many of these examiners are not medically trained (even tho ATOS insist they are………) if they are then they have probably only had basic study block and gone no further cos from what ive heard from various people they cant even tell if yur wiggling yur toes or not cos dont tell patients to take footwear off before doing it.(as in one case) and other equally stupid things in others. plus reports coming out now say that no one has a chance of passing once their quota for the week.month etc is filled so your damned if yu do n damned if yu dont.

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