Normal service has been resumed…

As you might have noticed, service is now back to normal.

It’s been a hard week – food poisoning – not sure of the source but narrowed it down to 2 suspects which I won’t be buying again, and large dose of antibiotics and yoghurt have got things under control.

Still got a long way to go, and pretty weak, but I can eat now and be sure of keeping it.

And, I’m glad to see, I can still write.

Thanks for your patience.


5 thoughts on “Normal service has been resumed…

  1. Nice to see you back Ron – I’m a new follower and have been reading all your posts. Most informative 🙂 Hope you continue to get as better as you can and are able to hold your food down.

  2. Oh my! I had computer issues and health issues and work issues and did not even realize you were sick Ron. I’m so sorry you were poisoned and so happy you recovered.

    • Thanks tt. I hope you’re feeling better, too.

      I wasn’t actually off my blog as long as I maybe should have been, or expected to be – I was mooching around online and there were a couple of things I just couldn’t let slip by without comment. I think I pitched up on your blog during that time, too – it’s a bit vague. I should probably have been in hospital, but I had a stock of antibiotics and I needed what I certainly wouldn’t have got there – peace and quiet. And a bucket – not a ludicrous little compressed-paper bowl! 😉

      I’m pretty much back to normal now, except for the occasional bad day, when I crash. Not much to be done about that except wait it out.

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