David Cameron – fit to hold office?

Ivan Cameron is the reason why the chronically sick and disabled are the subject of a persecution campaign, waged against the chronically sick and disabled by his father that, given the high number of deaths – almost 11,000 and rising – is a eugenicist pogrom in all but name.

From David Cameron’s pervertedly warped perspective, we are “prospering” on state “handouts” while his son lies dead. We must, therefore, be punished, and eliminated by having our financial support withdrawn or reduced to a barely survivable level, to weed us out of society.

Another school of thought maintains that Cameron is using his late son as a benchmark against which we are all judged and, naturally enough, found wanting – how else to account for terminally ill and bedfast people, indeed, people who are barely in this world at all, being found “fit” for work? The dice, loaded against us to the max, are Cameron’s.

Personally, I don’t see that these views are mutually exclusive, and I believe both are correct. And listening to Cameron today, comparing his weasel words to our reality, I can only assume that he has either raised political mendacity to hitherto unsuspected levels, or he believes what he’s saying, which causes me considerable concern about his mental health and his fitness to hold office.

Anyone who can claim that the Tory party is compassionate, when people are dying in droves as a direct result of his policies, is dangerously detached from reality.

We are being ruled by a madman, and he wants us dead.

4 thoughts on “David Cameron – fit to hold office?

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  2. I’m certainly struggling with the logic of current Conservative policy. Whilst I believe that there is a sub-culture of society who do take advantage of the welfare state (I personally know of some scroungers who -rightly- have had their benefits stopped and have since started working), that is no reason to decimate the entire support infrastructure. The pendulum has swung too far.

    That many NHS services are under siege is further evidence that the Conservative moral compass has been scrambled by their single-minded pursuit of economic recovery. I cannot see how they could possibly justify unavoidable reduction in front line police and ambulance services.

    If I was a cruel man who believed in karma, I would hope that certain senior politicians were the victims of violent crime, where an unavoidable lack of response from beleaguered police and ambulance services would result in them being permanently crippled and subsequently abandoned by the welfare state.

    But I’m not – I would much rather they just see the terrible errors in judgement they are making.and put them right. Waiting for another party to take power is too long to wait and a further two-and-a-half years of these inhuman and shameful policies will be intolerable.

    • In 26 years on disability benefits I’ve known just one person deliberately fiddling his claim (and one who was mentally ill, not physically, as they thought, so it didn’t really matter). The DWP’s own figures give the lie to the government’s repeated allegations of massive fraud (for DLA, for example, fraud runs at 0.5%).

      Thing is, though, government policy has little or nothing to do with economic recovery (and if it did, it’s an abysmal failure), and everything to do with the pursuit of the Tory wet dream – the destruction of the welfare state and the privatisation of the NHS, both well under way.

      Next year, a minimum of 60,000+ people will be removed from DLA (currently a figure of 85,000 is being bruited about; I’m not at all sure where that figure comes from), when it becomes PIP, for no other reason than Cameron wants 20% of current claimants gone – a personal vendetta, not economic policy. That’s in addition to the fact that PIP is, by all accounts, almost impossible to claim, the application process being more dishonest than even ESA.

      As for karma, it would be nice to believe it existed, but I’m even more at a loss to understand why public fury at what’s happening is equally elusive. Even the bulk of the chronically sick and disabled community is sleepwalking to its doom – and every able-bodied person is just one adverse biological event, or accident, away from joining us, something they seem unwilling, or unable, to grasp. It seems quite impossible to motivate either group.

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing I, personally, can do – I’m terminally ill and housebound. All I have is words, a lot of which I poured directly into Cameron’s Twitter account last week (as did others of course). For two nights Cameron was monstered – and then it stopped dead, at least on my timeline. The only reason I can think of is that people were fearful for their benefits (which might account for the above apathy too), though, if it was at risk, the damage had surely been done. When you’ve stuck your head above the parapet there’s little point in ducking once you’ve been identified.

      Cuts in police and ambulance services, especially the former, with huge contracts going to the massively incompetent G4S, suggests corruption on a massive scale.** G4S failed to police the Olympics adequately, how can they hope to cope with policing on a much larger scale?

      **Clear in the NHS privatisation – donate to the Conservative party, get rewarded with lucrative contracts.

      • Yes, it is a sad truth that the vast majority of folk live in a bubble of relative contentment. If the problem doesn’t hit them square on and refuse to go away, they will amble on in blissful ignorance assuming it is all somebody else’s problem to deal with.

        Trying to motivate people to fight for the services that they may (or in the case of ambulances, will) need doesn’t resonate with many as they’ll only complain when they need it and it fails them.

        As a paramedic of 12 years experience, I am all too aware of the attitudes of the general public. They’ll soon come screaming for help when everything goes wrong, but if they’re getting away with it, they’re happier to take their chances. For every home I’ve been in where there have been people in genuine need with real medical problems, there are many who are just ignorant, over-entitled and exist within a culture where they see no harm in claiming money they could earn by working or calling an ambulance because they don’t have a car/have had too much to drink. Trust me, these people exist – I have met their like many times.

        I firmly believe in a nurturing and benevolent society where those who can should help those who can’t. Sadly, modern selfish principles have seen too many take advantage of this system so now those who genuinely need the support are being made to suffer because of those who milk the system for their own ends. That applies to the parasites at the top and the bottom of society.

        The NHS and the welfare state was once a great and altruistic idea and it is certainly still needed. But sadly, a short-sighted and selfish, consumer-led Britain is crushing the life out of it and abandoning those who would genuinely benefit.

        It makes me sad.

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