Chronicles of the Heart, Part 47 – good news for a change!

It’s a couple of weeks since my most recent – and absolutely final – attempt to make the beta-blocker, Nebivolol, work. It doesn’t work, it makes me far worse and I’m sticking with my original conclusion – it should never have been prescribed. And I shouldn’t have let the consultant convince me, against my certain knowledge, that it wasn’t dangerous.

I had to taper off, of course, as stopping it dead could have stopped me dead – another reason for not prescribing a potentially dangerous drug, and during that period, and the first week without any at all, my heart function was chaotic.

Then about a week ago, I noticed something very unusual – my heart was behaving itself – no misfires, or PVCs, or any of the other crap it usually throws at me – so I got my pulse ox for a visual check and, sure enough, the trace scrolled smoothly across the screen, with no flat-lining or any of the usual nonsense, and a strong heartbeat.

There’s a downside – tachycardia. Tachy is officially a heart rate of 100bpm or more. Mine’s about 83-95 at rest and, as far as I’m concerned, 20-odd points above average is tachy, especially as it heads for the stratosphere with the slightest exertion.

The upside, though, is that – as far as my heart’s concerned, at least – I feel fine (for a given value of fine). I’m still recovering from a bout of food poisoning, and still pretty weak, but otherwise OK.

My BP is 119/72 – which is excellent, and way better than I expected.

All things considered, and taking into account how ill I’ve been recently, I’m very happy with the way things are going, and I think we can – finally – score one for me!

And this, by the way, is with my choice of meds – no input at all from a doctor. I’m beginning to think I’ll live longer if I avoid them as much as possible. I certainly have no intention of returning to APH.

Something else to consider too. I’ve not touched beer for about a month, partly because I really haven’t felt like going out (too much pain), and swilling beer is losing its appeal, followed by the food poisoning, so how much harm is beer actually causing?

I’m tempted to go to the pub and see how it works out. If my heart misbehaves I’ll have the answer, the big question, though, is will it stop again? Right now, I think the risk that it might not is too great – you don’t poke a sleeping tiger with a stick.


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