Has Cameron completely lost his marbles?

I’ve been saying for some considerable time that Cameron is not entirely sane, mainly on the subject of his hatred of chronically sick and disabled people, but this takes lunacy to an entirely new level:-

“Owners of private prisons who fail to stop prisoners re-offending will be fined, under new plans to be announced by David Cameron.” (Source: Telegraph.)

That’s on a par with the plans to punish parents of rioters floated last year. It was crackers then (and immoral), and it’s crackers now.

I’ve absolutely no objection to a crimp being put in the profits of private prisons, but you simply cannot punish an organisation – or a person – for the activities of someone over whom they have no control. It beggars belief.

I mean, doesn’t this fruitcake have any advisers to whisper in his ear that he’s slipped a cog, before he publicly makes a total arse of himself? Mind you, that takes no great effort on his part.

This man – the leader of what is still a moderately powerful country (but not by the time he’s slashed the military) – is, god help us all, completely out of touch with reality. What happens when he decides to punish another country for the actions of some of its less law-abiding citizens? Is this maniac going to drag us into a war? He bloody could on this basis.

And what, exactly, is going to be the scope of this proxy responsibility? Are you going to be answerable for the actions of your children for the rest of your, or their, lives? Why not? It makes as much – or as little – sense.

Will he punish car companies when their products are used in the commission of a crime? He could, at this rate.

The ramifications of this scheme are positively Kafkaesque. And terrifying.

Once prisoners have been released after discharging their debt to society, the responsibility of the prison service ends at the gate. That’s how it has to be, simply because there are some people who will always re-offend. There’s even a word for them – recidivist.

To try to make anybody but the individual responsible for any future crimes they might commit is utterly unethical.

This man is utterly unfit to hold office if he seriously thinks this idea has even the slightest merit.


20 thoughts on “Has Cameron completely lost his marbles?

  1. I agree he has absolutely lost his mind! Not only can you not hold someone else responsible for another’s illegal activities, rehab and halfway houses are the way to go to decrease the chance of someone re-offending. Furthermore, some offenders are habitual offenders because they like prison life and find it hard to cope on the outside.

    Cameron is self destructing – what goes around comes around we all may see it this time 😉

    • It used to be pretty much traditional, when homeless people were rare, and called tramps, that they’d commit relatively trivial crimes to get jailed and escape the worst of the winter. Doubtless some still do, and if that gets the prison’s management a fine, someone is going to wind up on the wrong end of a kicking – or worse.

      The problem with Cameron – and it’s it’s indicative of a mental short-circuit somewhere – is that he can never see the consequences of his actions. Not even with almost 11,000 disabled people dead as a direct result.

      • He clearly is in self destruct mode and seems to be getting worse each day. I do wonder if some of his behaviour is related to the death of his son and grieving, which he didn’t really have much of a chance to do? It’s as though the death of his son has made him want to punish all disabled people.

        • That’s certainly been my theory for the past couple of years, Bev. Another blogger suggested than Cameron was using Ivan as a benchmark, against which we were all judged and inevitably found wanting.

          My view is we’re both right.

  2. Wish it was that simple 😦 Now seems to be sprinting towards the implementation of his peculiar dystopia? Unfettered by any effective opposition or even reason he must be exceeding the wildest expectations of his backers who will presumably seek to replace him if he becomes too much even for Daily Mail readers?

  3. we can rant as much as we like but it dont get him sectioned. and thats what needs to happen to him personally. though nothing short of an election is gonna get rid of the rest of the imbecile bullingdon boys.
    and on that note im off out with my daughter looking round charity and second hand furniture shops for a specific type of coffee table she wants.i dont feel 100% as my cervical spondylosis is playing up badly./ taken stemetil to combat the slight sickness and dizziness about an hour ago. plus co codamol in a minute for the neck and head aches.the weathers pretty dire but sod it i need to get away from pc,politics and these 4 walls.only going to 1 possibly 2 shops so i dont overdo it.with lunch in the middle.
    take care

    • we can rant as much as we like but it dont get him sectioned.

      But it does put the message out there in the public domain, which is vastly better than just watching from the sidelines and doing nothing.

      • “But it does put the message out there in the public domain, which is vastly better than just watching from the sidelines and doing nothing.”

        yes i agree with that.

  4. I wonder how many of the idiots that voted him in are now having stomachs turning with worry and fear? I for one did not vote for him and neither did I waste my vote – but I am actually starting to feel terrified about what is going to happen to me and hubby (both disabled) – and to disabled, sick, and ordinary human beings in this country!
    I think the only thing that this country can do is to pull together some way and get the numpty out of office. They won’t do it though, ‘cos the people of this country are apathetic!

    • first of all Jay., cameron was NOT voted in. he only got in cos Clegg came down on his side at the last election.selling a lot of his followers down the river and going back on a lot of the things he recj=koned he was gonna do if he got in. probably, though i am guessing, cameron greased cleggs palm very well so he did this.
      2ndly. over 150,000 people in London, 5,000 in i think was in Cardiff and a similar lot in Ireland plus a heck of a lot more who would have but couldn’t have gone for various reasons. too ill, too disabled, family commitments, work commitments or financially unable to find the money… would not think that smacked of apathy. maybe more could have gone and had no reason to go but i still think this was one heck of a turn out. lets hope we get a good turn out at the polls next time, whenever they decide its gonna be.

  5. sorry. seems i got wrong end of the stick Jay.. when you said…QUOTE:.I wonder how many of the idiots that voted him in are now having stomachs turning with worry and fear? UNQUOTE i took it to mean the idiots that voted CAMERON in….. so maybe that sentence needs a bit of clarifying … who did you mean Jay please?if i did get it wrong i apologise.

  6. I do not find Cameron any more distasteful then Labour these days, look at Demos idea of welfare cards, the idea to cut down on the poor who gamble smoke and drink all their benefits, the idea is a retailer would be picked for you to purchase items and you would not be allowed to buy anything the government did not think worthy. Labour has stated they had been looking at this for some time.

    Queen Victoria here we come.

    • Labour wanted to reduce the welfare bill which, from a political standpoint, is understandable (and could have been done without reducing a single person to penury), but it took Cameron and IDS to totally trash the system and encompass the deaths of almost 11,000 disabled people as a direct result of their policies (forcing totally unfit people into work or work-related activities). And that’s not counting suicides and people rendered homeless.

    • lets face it. those in power today are so heartless they simply do not care if someones life is ended because of them. we are given life to use as we feel is fit for us.for our likes dislikes, to do with as best we can. we get one shot. WE are the ones should say how that body is used and WE are responsible for making that body work for us. we make mistakes,yes, results in later life in illness and disability in most cases. but this lot have decided its THEIR responsibility to decide whether we live or die and how.whilst offloading all other responsibilities that are theirs onto other bodies and local government.they are vile, horrible./..(ok too many adjectives i could use to describe them) creatures. hope there is a hell for them cos my wish is that they burn there and continue to burn forever.at no time, no matter how bad previous governments have been ,could so many deaths, so much misery and dread, be laid at any of their doors like it can at this ones.

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