I know we’re not as cuddly as badgers, but people matter more – please sign Pat’s Petition…

Why so few signatures on Pat’s Petition to “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families” http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968  – a mere 56,301 at the time of writing, which is pretty damn pitiful.

I suspect that most families, either parents or children, grandparents, or somewhere among their in-laws, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, have at least one disabled person, maybe more, among their number. Yet a great many of them, maybe even a majority, don’t care overmuch about what’s happening – you only have to read the right-wing press – especially the comments sections – to see that.

Even the Guardian gets its share of doubters – not right-wing trolls, just normal people who don’t feel it can really be that bad, and would just as soon not know that it is.

But, of course, it is that bad because anyone can become too ill to work, or lose their jobs (especially the latter these days), at the drop of a hat, yet the idea that they might, while it’s beginning to sink in, is taking its own sweet time.

They are, in potentia, as screwed as the rest of us – they just haven’t realised it yet.

Wake up people – before it’s too late…


19 thoughts on “I know we’re not as cuddly as badgers, but people matter more – please sign Pat’s Petition…

  1. Thank you so much for your support, Ron. Much appreciated!   Regards Heather


  2. I signed it and emailed the link to everyone I could, months ago. I really hope that the majority of them signed it too.

    • Thanks Tricia. When you consider the millions that this affects, that we can’t get 100k speaks to an apathy that is beyond belief.

  3. Thanks Ron as ever. Sadly they don’t get it and if they ever do – well…. we told them it was coming. Pat x

    • So far, Pat, 40 people have clicked through to the petition, which is a hell of a lot more than last time. It’s spreading further, too, via pingbacks and reblogs.

      Plus 47 retweets and 125 FB postings.


  4. i signed that some time ago and shared it. Ive also signed every darned petition that’s come to my notice to do with anything like benefit cuts, or other bad things this government is doing/has done. maybe people are getting fed up of so many petitions that they’ve now given up. ill go put it on fb again Ron.

    • I’m sure people are getting fed up – just too many petitions. And even if they ultimately get time in the Commons, as with the badger cull, decisions aren’t binding, so what’s the point?

      My perception is that government epetitions are designed to give people the illusion that they have some input into policy making – we don’t.

      • your probably right but if we do nothing we stagnate. we get down then all out depressed. Ive no doubt all that will come too eventually. and possibly sooner rather than later. what with the woman being arrested (and released without charge) for sharing just the sorts of things that loads of others are sharing on a daily basis…..)just putting the frighteners on people that was..that woman wont have a minutes peace now cos she lives on her own so is classed as vulnerable.
        the Greek journalist who published a list of tax evaders in Greece that the tax office over there had had in their possession for 2 years and done nothing about. he also has been arrested by the Greek authorities. according to one source tonight we are on the verge of an all out strike throughout Europe.( I find that hard to believe ill admit /would take one hell of a lot of coordinating for that to even start let alone carry on.
        i hate to think where its all going to end.

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    • I signed this a while back and posted it to my friends, then I re-posted it again some weeks ago on FB – let’s just say it showed who my friends where on both occasions.
      I agree that people are getting fed up with petitions – they just see petition now and stop reading. Sad really but the worst of it is, with anything to do with benefits etc they SHOULD take notice – anything can happen to them in a heartbeat!

      • apathy……. is almost as bad as cancer in a way. only it kills a persons spirit not their body,
        it may be they just dont think petitions or anything else can beat these people at the top.they have their own set of rules that dont have the word humanity in them.i also think its just sinking in that Britain isnt the only country with all this going on. but as you say Jay…they SHOULD take notice. unfortunately what happened to that lady recently is going to put a lot of people off. i for one am far too old and decrepit to be a modern day Emily or Christabel Pankhurst. i just hope those who DO try to do more to stop whats going on. dont make themselves martyrs. or that those in power dont try to stop them by brutal means either physical or mental.though i cant see either coming off. i think things are going to get much worse. oe is that me being negative?

        • No, I don’t think you are being negative – its most of the country that is being negative and that’s why we are in such a mess. At one time people would stick together and got support but that was a fair way back. I *think* it was the 70’s in which the people of this country did something and got the Government out – they won’t do it now – they don’t care unless it hits them right in the pocket. It’s going to hit them in the pocket soon, but as Cameron & Co are starting with the disabled and sick, it’s not affecting them so it’s a case of “Who cares”. Love the way that they are now going to be taking Child Benefit off people but leaving a huge loophole for those who both work and have a really good combined income.

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  7. If people tried to cuddle a badger they’d quickly find themselves joining the ranks of the chronically ill and disabled. We’re cuddlier than badgers, honest. We mostly don’t bite or scratch (unless seriously provoked).

  8. Not much to add to the above – for me the real problem is those of us who are fighting daily sign,circulate and shout about petitions like Pats, until we exhaust our own circles; but due to the issues re media coverage etc we are not getting the message out to the General Public.

    • actually Jayne you just made me realise. all posts i send have been set to friends only. i have just gone back to the petition site.resent the link to Facebook but this time to public.

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