The entirely spurious martyrdom of Stuart Rodger…

A note before continuing: I have nothing but a deep and abiding hatred for Cameron and his merry band of sharp-suited Nazi fuckwits, as this blog frequently attests – before some numbskull accuses me of being pro-government.


The headline “Stuart Rodger sentenced 100 hours community service for shouting at David Cameron” is causing the Internet and Twitterverse  to get its knickers in a twist, the claim being that “shouting at Cameron” is now a crime.

But is it? Well, actually, no. It’s an absurd and doubtless deliberate distortion of the facts.

Let’s look at those facts.

Rodger managed to access a secure area, and hide. The fact that the security was abysmal is not necessarily a mitigating factor in this instance, as he was clearly aware he shouldn’t have been there, though it is cause for further investigation. He then waited for Cameron to arrive before emerging from hiding (in a toilet), to yell “No public sector cuts!” at Cameron, before having his collar felt and being hauled away, an event which Rodger, himself, no doubt viewed as an inevitable consequence.

Those facts are a matter of record. As, indeed, is the subsequent charge of “behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by violating a security cordon, shouting and failing to desist, attempting to approach Mr Cameron and causing fear and alarm.”.

OK, the fear and alarm bit is demonstrably unprovable, though if  I were Cameron I’d be terrified that one day, an armed and desperate person is going to get through my security (one can but hope), but the rest has Rodger bang to rights.

So, the unassailable fact is that Rodger was charged with an offence that he pretty bloody obviously committed, to which he sensibly pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 100 hours community service. I don’t see a problem. Let’s face it, if it had happened in London not, as it did, in Glasgow, he’d be in jail on some trumped up charge and there really would be something to worry about.

He’s also a repeat offender, having previously been fined £200 for causing a breach of the peace by chucking blue paint over Clegg something which, then as now, he must have known he wasn’t going to get away with.

In that respect, then, he’s to be applauded – he made his protests and accepted, as far as I know without complaint, the inevitable punishment.

He – again as far as I know – isn’t the one whining about being punished for shouting at Cameron, that’s left to the numpties who are happy to take his name in vain and distort the facts as they are known and recorded.

It is manifestly NOT a crime to shout at Cameron, though I’m very sure he wishes it was (and, of course, it depends on what one shouts), though it is, without a shadow of doubt, an offence to break the law in order to do so. Which is what happened in this case.

There is no martyrdom here, no burgeoning police state (there is ample evidence for a British police state, but this most certainly is not it), just a guy making a personal protest in the knowledge that he would have to accept the consequences.

That he might do so again is entirely possible, but it would be more appropriate, if you agree with him, to support him by chipping in to pay his fine (if fine there be), and costs, rather than twisting the very well established facts way past breaking point in support of some dubious political agenda.

Because that makes you look every bit as mendacious an arsewipe as Cameron himself.


15 thoughts on “The entirely spurious martyrdom of Stuart Rodger…

  1. So right Ron -but what an heaven sent chance- “shooting” however would have sounded much better, with an hollow point, ballistic projectile!

  2. Hi Ron,
    A real “dirty bullet”, never seen one of those Ron, but sounds OK to me! What a novel thought, shooting shit with shit!

  3. Thank you for this further info, Ron. You make a very sensible and reasonable point that Rodger probably took the risk of arrest and punishment into account when he planned his protest. More of us should be prepared to protest, join together in demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience, and take the consequences whatever they may be. Our forebears did, and made a real difference to their societies; all of our liberties were hard won with their blood and broken heads. Were they better human beings than we, their children, are?

    The truth must surely sink in to the thick skulls of our wannabee feudal overlords soon, that those with everything taken from them have nothing whatever to lose. Then I hope they shit their tweeds in terror, the thieving, lying, parasitic worms that they are. Some lone eccentric jumping out of a cupboard to protest cuts. up-front and personal, will be the least of their worries.

    No other political party that I can discern is very much bettter than the tories, either; they are all in bed with the bankster robber barons, corporate lobbyists and non-dom tax dodgers. I’ve never had such a longing for revolution in my life. Any idea where we can buy some tumbrils and guillotines, wholesale?

    Hope you are feeling better, and eating properly.

    • There’s a reason why successive, mainly Tory, governments have gone to such lengths to remove firearms from the ranks of honest citizens (while leaving gangs and the criminal fraternity armed to the teeth, not to mention the occasional rampaging psycho), and it’s that you can’t stage a revolution without weapons.

      I wrote a blog post on this very subject a while ago, but never published it – maybe I should?

      And I seem to be returning to normal. Cooked yesterday, for the first time in a month, and got a good night’s sleep too, so hopefully I’m on the mend.

  4. hmmm well an ex sis in law in oz has just deleted me, my daughter,her boyfriend and my son from her contacts over a political argument/debate we were having.which she must have been losing as she got very personal…(son not included i might add,he dont even know about all this.probably wont even know shes deleted him also yet) she got the idea that we are still living in the 70s here.that there was no prob with jobs back then so isnt now (there wasnt in London. just no housing up north very different story as in every recession)and theres still plenty of jobs here now. labour is worse than liberals…etc etc… getting oz politics mixed up with a very little uk ones she may/may not know and like a lot of ex pats… think they know whats going on back here when theyve not lived here for 40 years have their own business and house and drink champagne while watchin horse racing.(thats what she was going to be doing in the afternoon.she had said earlier)… oz tories obviously.

  5. Ron, I agree with you wholeheartedly – and Denise, I think you did a fine post as well. I applaud you both. I’m glad that so many people see that those who have lost everything have nothing else to lose, so will do something, but its a bloody shame it has to come to this! I get so angry with the thick headed people who not only run the country but live in it and don’t do bugger all about it!
    Ron, I would love to read your blog that you didn’t publish – I would find it fascinating reading.
    Am also glad to hear that you are a bit better, I hope you continue to improve and are able to eat better and put on the weight that you so need.
    A belated Happy Birthday as well. May you be around for many more.

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