Chronically sick and disabled people – valued less than badgers?

In recent weeks we’ve had an anti badger-cull petition which reached the necessary 100,000 signatures in record time, while a petition asking the government to review welfare cuts that are falling disproportionately on the chronically sick and disabled, their families and carers failed to reach 60,000 before running out of time.

One thing, then, is clear – in this fucked-up country people care more about animals than they do about their fellow human beings, people who are dying in their thousands as a direct result of the insanely punitive policies of Iain Duncan Smith, who has effectively made it a crime to be sick and disabled, and people are being punished, even unto death.

Does that have people taking to the streets in their hundreds of thousands in protest at policies that could, at the drop of a hat, destroy their lives as effectively as it’s destroying ours?

Er, no.


Good question.

It’s not hard to understand. In the spring of 1984 I was on my annual backpacking circuit of the Peak District. Exactly a year later I was effectively and very successfully running a pub in Mid Wales. By the autumn I was unable to walk and, very shortly thereafter, I got my first wheelchair. 27 years later, I still don’t know why for sure, and I’m still in a wheelchair. And I am by no means unique.

So, is there anyone out there who is not yet a member of the sick and disabled community purely because they’ve missed picking up a devastating virus, or they – or their child, perhaps – has unknowingly dodged a catastrophic accident, and who really does not understand that what’s happened to me, to us, could just as easily happen to them or theirs?

If the welfare system continues to be demolished, it could, potentially, affect the future survival not just of millions of sick and disabled people, but of any able-bodied person reading this. At the moment it’s us, and you’re on the outside looking in, feeling mystified and doing nothing.

How would you like to be, suddenly, on the inside looking out at people just like you used to be, who are also doing nothing except putting badgers above people? Just how angry and frustrated would you feel then? How impotent?

That is why we, the chronically sick and disabled minority, many of whom are physically or mentally incapable of taking to the streets on our own account, urgently need the support of the able-bodied majority, because you can do what so many of us cannot – physically carry this battle to the enemy.

Or, at the very least, sign the right petitions.

Assuming, that is, we matter more than badgers.

Do we?

And do you really understand that you, your children, current and as yet unborn, your extended family, are no more than a celestial coin-toss away from being us?

I put the following in a comment, but thought it might benefit from being moved up to here:-

I wrote this after watching a programme about the Freedom Riders last night, and it was clear that a great many white people supported the movement. See:-


And it struck me that if white people could work alongside, and support, black people** in their campaign against segregation, then there is no logical reason why the sick and disabled community shouldn’t try to enlist the support of the able-bodied population. I am, though, realistic enough not to hold my breath.

**I’ve no idea what the current, politically correct, term is. Don’t care over-much either.


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  1. I know I keep coming back to this “people are more important than badgers” issue, but there’s a reason for that – the fact that we are so very clearly NOT should be a cause for national outrage.

    Why isn’t it?

  2. Sad, but oh so true! So many people have a total disregard for humanity any more, life seems to mean nothing at all. Selfishness and greed have taken control and in voting to protect badgers they somehow feel redeemed, whereas the world over and especially the Tories and Lib Dems have succeeded in turning so many against the most vulnerable the sick and disabled.

    Things do seem to be slowly changing for the better, but how many more will die before it is stopped?

  3. Well said that man!!! Both my husband and I are disabled – both had good paying jobs – I had to give up mine to look after my disabled husband (which I don’t regret for one minute as he is my life) – so in effect, we lost 2 wages coming into our home – I had to struggle with a very sick husband (he’d had a brain hemorrhage) and has been left with chronic pain syndrome and short term memory loss as well as raging headaches), three children and hand outs from the DWP! My husband was that ashamed that after all his sick pay had stopped from work, he refused to sign his first every Giro! I had to beg him to sign it as we would have starved. I couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage, we got into all kinds of financial difficulties, but we had to cope – the only important thing on mine and the children’s minds was my husband not dying!
    Then I became disabled a few years later – I developed angina, asthma and terrible arthritis especially in my right ankle. I couldn’t walk properly, I needed a wheelchair most of the time – I truly understood my husband’s frustrations! Thankfully the kids had flown the nest or where near to – I wouldn’t have wanted them stopping chasing their dreams to look after us.
    My ankle got worse, it threw out my knee and hip – so this year, I decided to have an ankle fusion to help with the awful pain and to see if I could walk a bit better. The surgeon sewed my main artery into the wound!!!!! I have had 25 weeks of hell – the pain for the first two days after the operation was so bad that I can’t even describe it – yet it wasn’t until two and a half days later, and a transfer to another hospital that they realised I had been carrying a dead foot around! I am due to go into hospital within the next couple of months to have a below the knee amputation! I still have the nurses coming in twice a week to change the dressings on my wound, it’s there because a wonderful plastic surgeon and his team worked right through the night to try and save my foot. Unfortunately, too much damage had been done – too much death in the foot – and now I have to have it removed along with half my leg!
    That is what happens to people, you are going along nicely, living your life and then WHOOSH – along comes something so bad that you have no control over, it changes yours and your nearest and dearests lives in a heartbeat!
    The Government and most people look at us and see us worse than prisoners which makes me sick!

    • I wrote this after watching a programme about the Freedom Riders last night, and it was clear that a great many white people supported the movement. See:-


      And it struck me that if white people could work alongside, and support, black people** in their campaign against segregation, then there is no logical reason why the sick and disabled community shouldn’t try to enlist the support of the able-bodied population. I am, though, realistic enough not to hold my breath.

      **I’ve no idea what the current, politically correct, term is. Don’t care over-much either.

  4. Thanks Ron. Too the point as always. 3 things. The greed of a few to have yet more money. Propaganda by those same few that at the end of all these cuts and changes – the ‘real’ disabled will be the only ones standing. Assuming we aren’t lying face done through starvation, sickness or disability. And lastly – disability has never been a ‘sexy’ word. {ep[le are frightened and ignorant od disabled people. They talk too the driver of the wheelchair not the passenger. Does he take sugar syndrome?
    We have done nothing wrong and have even less to be ashamed of.
    ‘Because good people did nothing.’
    Pat x

  5. Well said and written ,you are only saying what is the truth! We are all sitting back taking this ignorant and savage behavior of that jumped school boy cameron and doing nothing,probabably he’s made us frightened to stand for ourselves,I know that’s how he’s made me feel .

  6. and the badger cull got stopped (maybe temporary i cant remember now what the article said about that. just the headlines.) but not so the cuts or the hounding of the ill and disabled.
    and yes people are getting more afraid because now the police could come in the middle of the night and harass you at anytime for putting something on fb that someone in high places doesn’t like. freedom of speech doesn’t exist really.or is becoming extinct gradually. though only a coupe of incidents so far (that we know of) how many more before we are struck dumb by these happenings.

    • The cull was stopped because it was too expensive and at the wrong time of year (mud season or something). It’s on again next year.

      Decisions taken as a result of the petition are not binding.

      • Thanks Ron. had a feeling it was only delayed. so what else is new. if decisions taken as a result of the petition are not binding. does that go for all petitions? if so what is the point of adding our names to them?sounds like we are wasting time.

        • Government epetitions are ultimately pointless, as the government is not compelled to act on any decisions taken as a result of them. If, say, Pat’s Petition had succeeded, and the resulting debate had decided that Welfare Reform was, as implemented, illegal and in breach of everybody’s human rights, the effect of that on government policy would have been precisely zero.

          What they are is a con. They give the people the illusion of having some sort of input into policy making when, in reality, we have none at all.

          And what petitions actually do for government is give them a list of the trouble-makers and the disaffected.

          • What a relief so many don’t have the attitude of ‘why bother’. Too many just sit around complaining. No effort required to do that. PP brought awareness to tens of thousands of people who previously had believed all the gov propaganda. From little acorns grow mighty oaks. Pat x

            • Why are you taking this so personally, Pat?

              I’m attacking the idea that government epetitions can actually accomplish anything concrete, not your petition.

              We have a government that listens to nobody, and a PM who makes up policy on the fly. They’re not going to heed decisions that have no legal standing (the sole exception, as far as I know, was Hillsborough).

              Petitions are a valid way of registering a protest – which is why I sign them – they’ll be shovelling snow in Hell before this government takes any notice, though.

              • Well we always get plenty of snow up here and I can provide as many snow shovels as needed. I get defensive when people say what’s the point. Yes they make the rules up as they go along and if the law is wrong they change In their favour of course. But doing nothing is still not an option. Pat x

                • For the record, I do exactly what I’m capable of doing. I’m housebound and terminally ill, and I’m sure as hell not going to put at risk whatever life is left to me on a demo, even if I could travel, which I can’t – especially one that will be ignored, as the last two and a half years worth of protests have been ignored.

                  Writing my blog, and attacking government wherever I find an opening online are what I do, and I do it in my own name, not hiding behind anonymity. It’s all I can do. It might not be as much as you’d like, but don’t ever tell me I’m doing nothing.

                  There is only one course of action that will make this government sit up and take notice. I’m sure you know what it is, as do many people – were I to say what it is, here, I’d have plod kicking my door down before the day was out, so I’m not going to. The police attack on that woman in Wales demonstrates that what I’ve been claiming for some time is, in fact, true – those of us who stick our heads above the parapet are being monitored.

          • also because as Ron says. cameron and his ilk are power mad and they are right in their eyes and what do we, the public, know about politics is their belief,(seems a bit weird that thats also exactly what we feel about the govt, dont ya think?:)
            remedy ,if there is one, is keep trying and hope we dont get the cops raining blows on our doors at midnight as they did in wales and the gestapo did in Germany,Austria, Poland,Holland,France etc

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  8. not knowing where else to put this Ron ill put it here. even if you dont publish it. at least ive brought your attention to it if you dont already know as i know this would affect you among others as you have turned down certain procedures which one of your so called health pros deemed you should have. up to now we have all had the right to do this. seems the morons in Westminster are taking the right to be responsible for our own lives, away from us altogether now.

    • I think you’re probably worrying needlessly, Dee. From what I’ve tread of this – and the article barely scratches the surface – it targets addicts more than anyone else, making it a requirement that they seek treatment for their addictions.

      I honestly don’t have a problem with that. At a time when people who are seriously ill are losing benefits, it seems fundamentally wrong not to make addicts seek help for what is essentially a self-inflicted condition.

      I know all the arguments about addicts being sick people too, but sorry, no-one put a gun to their heads and made them take their first shot of heroin, or snort coke or, even, in the light of the massive amount of knowledge we have now, take up smoking.

      I have some sympathy for alcoholics, since alcohol is so all-pervasive as a social lubricant, and no-one knows they’re going to be an alcoholic when they start drinking. Unlike drugs, addiction is not what you expect when you first take a drink, only to discover, too late, that the drink has taken you.

      So, in the light of all the crimes against humanity committed by this government, I don’t feel that making addicts seek treatment is actually a bad thing.

      Of course, what happens to them once they’re “cured” and lose their DLA (which they’d lose anyway, with PIP), and ESA, is another argument altogether.

      There’s no way, though, that this embraces rejection of dangerous diagnostic procedures (which won’t affect my recovery potential one iota, not least because there is no recovery potential), or even the refusal of dangerous drugs (easily got around – just accept the drugs and bin them). Patients’ rights, in this respect, are unchanged.

      • maybe i read it wrong then .i know addicts were mentioned but only as an example though i do agree with what you say above as far as they are concerned.but seemed to me it was on about everyone who needed treatment etc etc.will read again a bit. got to play catch up tho as had visitors for 2 days running so got little done on here.

  9. Hi Ron. just realised hadnt had anything from your rants for a while. hope your ok. or as ok as you can be.its that time of year again when eBay, amazon ,the high street etc etc takes a pounding and inbox’s get full of you bought this, this is your receipt etc etc and days get shorter and busier.i have a lull now for a couple of weeks other than present wrapping and card making to do.its then when you realise that someones presence is missing from your inbox.

      • nope nothing in spam, i check that folder each day before deleting contents. i have though just received the following email (excerpt from it) ,,,, Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site Ron’s Rants… ( and will receive an email notification when a new post is made.
        far as i knew i was already subscribed to most of your blogs.
        my daughter just told me that a lot of the main servers. virgin ,BT etc have been having problems this past few weeks. i hadn’t heard of any myself and cant see how that should affect my subscription to your blogs.if anything would be a WordPress prob i would have thought. (is that a server???),i certainly haven’t had any problems otherwise except Facebook games playing up but that’s nothing new.
        glad your ok anyway.

        • It would have to be the WordPress servers playing up, but everything’s been working OK (except I’ve just had to buy a new computer – turned mine on yesterday – stone dead). Just checked the WP forums, and no-one’s complaining, so I don’t know what the problem is. I’ll ask on Twitter – might explain why I’ve had so few comments of late.

          Anyway, I didn’t have to spend the entire day installing Windows 7 and all my software – I just pulled the hard drive out of the dead one, and put it in the new one. A few minutes updating the various motherboard drivers, and job done.

          • i leave that sort of thing to the experts. takes me all my time to get the guts (i.e. confidence)to even put a prog on mine these days (taken me 2 months to put my greetings card making prog on which i finally did yesterday.must have installed/reinstalled that around 5 times on this plus on a couple o mates comps too over the years yet had to really concentrate to get the confidence to do it again. before my hosp stay 5 years ago i was able to do all sorts on this thing.even showing/telling other silver surfers how to do the simpler maintenance/problem solving on them then after those 6 days, and the next 18 months of brain fog resulting from them, i lost confidence in doing any of it, couldn’t get head round doing even my genealogy which i had been doing for 40 years all told b4 i got a PC and 5 online.have not done much of it since.i pay PC world PC performance to do anything like you just described anyway.good luck with it all anyway

            • Having seen what PC World charge for tasks that sometimes take just a few minutes, I’ve often thought I should have set up as a mobile fixer-upper when I was still fit enough. The brother of a friend once insisted on paying me £40 just for taking out a dead DVD ReWriter and putting in a new one – a job which involved just 4 screws and two plugs! I didn’t want paying, and if I had, a tenner was a fair price. Definitely money to be made.

              Ah well – too late now.

              I’m toying with the idea of connecting up the original hard drive on the new PC, which is still in there (only because one screw was so damn tight I couldn’t move it even with a power screwdriver), and giving Windows 8 a try – see if it’s as horrible as I think it is.

              But, in all seriousness, if my brain goes – it’s one of the few bits that still work properly – I’m out of here.

              • i pay 7 quid a month for PC performance. but they are there at the end of the phone when i need them, annual checks, repairs etc and if it cant be repaired i get a new one. the price dont go up (unlike insurance premiums) and as long as i keep paying the benefits are still there no matter how old the PC is. been doing this since i bought it and its 8 years old. just been in a few weeks ago for overhaul and repair cos it was going so darn slow was taking me ages to get one page to turn. no virus/spyware etc that my progs could find. even with system restore turned off. so they came out,picked up the PC, a week later returned it good as new.couldn’t fault them. still have one problem/ i use Firefox and when i try to put a pic on an email in yahoo the darned thing freezes.think its a Firefox prob and have tried installing version 17 but it failed to d/l. prob my PC too old for it now. am expecting to find that gradually old progs i use wont work on this as more n more updates are put on by microsoft.

                • How well a PC works is largely dependent on memory (RAM) – basically, more is better, as it affects everything you do – even online performance is affected. Even an elderly machine can be perked up with more memory (assuming it’s not already maxed out). The PC that’s just died had 6GB, the new one has 8GB

                  There is absolutely no reason why putting a pic in an email should do anything to Firefox at all, assuming you’re doing it properly, by copying and pasting. The fact that it does affect FF points to a lack of memory (FF is very memory-hungry).

                  You need an absolute minimum of 2GB of memory to run XP (I know Microsoft say it’ll run on something foolish like 128MB, but it just isn’t so). Talk to PC World and see if they know how much memory your machine will take, and how much it’ll cost (a DIY memory upgrade is dirt cheap, but I suppose that’s out of the question?).

                  And generally, if a PC gets sluggish, just running the disk cleanup app, and defragmenting the hard drive – something everyone should do every few months or so, depending on how much they use their PC – will probably fix it, and is probably what PCW did.

                  But, at eight years old, it’s pretty much past it (I reckon on a new PC every 2-3 years, as mine have a pretty hard life, in use about 16 hours a day), and the big problem is that the hard drive could fail, taking all your data with it unless you have it all backed up. I back up mine to an external hard drive, and all my old XP stuff is on the hard drive I removed before upgrading to Windows 7. I have a hard drive dock, and either the backup drive, or the XP drive, can just be plugged into it at need.

                  It might sound complicated, but it’s really not.

                  • i know PCworlds added more memory as part of the repair.tho not how much. its only about 2 months since the repair was done. i have 74.53GB space on my HD of which i have 50.34gb free. 67%free space. according to my defrag prog. i defrag every 3-4 weeks, delete cookies,history etc every couple o days. prefetch once every 2-3 weeks.(plus delete all the cookies n history immediately after using my online bank.) and back up to an external HD every so often.if i lose anything if it packs up.wont be much. as for buying new PC every 2-3 years. would be great if i could, unfortunately most ppl dont have that kind of money going spare. i dont believe in chucking money away like that. i dont do anything on it that is so important these days anyway. there are other things in life beside computers for me right now.if it comes to a pitch where i have nothing else then i may think bout new one.tho i like my xp. hate vista and dont expect ill like 7 or 8 much more if at all. so i stick to what i know n love. specially as i said..if this conks out i get a new one anyway,. but only if it cant be repaired. having paid £672 for maintenance over the 8 years, tho not needed it much up to now, i aint gonna give up on this old gal .will be interesting finding out how long she will last. i have a laptop as back up if this conks out anyway.(you have though reminded me to transfer my latest photos onto my external HD asap). as for copying and pasting pics into email. i didn’t know you could do that?> you certainly couldn’t when i used Hotmail. when i tried it in there ppl just didnt get the pics, boxes with a red x in em but no pics. they have progs to use to add attachments in email. i use those. tho i will certainly try copying n pasting them or even drag n drop em.
                    =had to laugh at your remark….at eight years old, it’s pretty much past it …its like saying at 70 years old i’m pretty much past it .lolol……..well i am past a lot o things but can still do something. so as long as i can add pics to Facebook. play games n talk tp folk ill be happy lol.

                    • unfortunately most ppl dont have that kind of money going spare.

                      Yeah – my pension and DLA – it’s disgusting how much money I have, I don’t know how I live with myself!!!

                      Well, if you keep deleting all your cookies it’s no wonder you stopped getting my emails. Cookies serve a purpose, the main one of which is keeping you connected to online services – like my blog updates. If you have decent security – a firewall and decent anti-virus – there’s no need to delete all cookies. Not even your bank cookies, they don’t contain any information about your account.

                      The only cookies you need to worry about are third-party cookies, and if Firefox is set up correctly, Tools – Options – Privacy tab, it will delete those every time you turn it off. All other cookies can be safely left alone. Cookies are not evil, they’re not out to get you, and if a virus does come along with a cookie (good anti-virus protection will prevent that), it’ll have done any damage it’s going to do long before you delete the cookie.

                      Always copy and paste, it’s easier and much more versatile.

                      But, yep, an 8 year old computer is past it on so many levels, it might still work, but it won’t work well (in fact, with a laptop, you’re lucky it still works at all, they’re not designed for a long life). Windows 7 is better than XP – different, but not too different. Windows 8 bears no relationship to any previous version of Windows, and is widely hated already. If you’re thinking of getting a new machine, best do it while 7 is still around, because you really won’t like 8 (I’m not touching it).

                      You can find out how much memory you have by going to the Start menu and right-clicking My Computer – Properties.

                    • USED TO BE 2.80GHz 80GB 256MB of RAM (its on the front of the tower but cant get down far enough to see what the first 2 are,)
                      NOW GOT 2.80GHz. 80GB 760MB of RAM
                      The original was always fine for what i did before which was a hell of a lot more than i do now.genealogy research, making web pages/websites, animations etc, chat, emails, paint shop pro. now all i do is emails, follow a couple of blogs, a couple of online games, and the odd comment or two on Facebook or put pics in there. i appreciate its getting old (and its a desktop not a laptop thats xp. the laptop is vista and only 3years old.) but am hoping it sees me out. i really dont want the bother of having to learn a new windows system/ no matter how much like xp its supposed to be. i find it difficult these days to get my head round old things let alone new.

                      you said….Yeah – my pension and DLA – it’s disgusting how much money I have, I don’t know how I live with myself!!! unquote

                      sorry if i assumed but you get exactly what i do. but i do have a family. both of who have medical problems and who need my help. i live 4-5 miles away from them/ dont have a mobility scooter.or car. too far from a bus stop. (not that i can use buses on my own) so have to rely on taxis. £7 cheapest return fare to go a mile down the road to my Drs. £12 return to my sons, £14 return to my daughters. if i need to go to the nearest big town i have to pick my daughter up en route which then costs me 20-21 quid return. £17 return anyway if i could go on my own around town which i cant. i am unable to cook much these days from scratch so costs me more for decent ready meals (not the inedible cardboard supermarket ones). so as you see i do have commitments that are more important to me than buying a new PC. to be able to do so would put me in debt., as i couldn’t afford to pay straight out for one.

                      as for deleting cookies.i have always been told by various IT (so called anyway) experts that i need to delete them on a regular basis. history too. and if PC does run slow, quite often that solves the problem. i always understood that leaving cookies on for banks etc leaves you wide open if a hacker got control of your PC.
                      i have always done the above but this is first time ive not got your emails. has to have been a word press problem. as i had to resubscribe to your blog. nothing else has given me that problem/ as i have been getting everything else from other sites.desktop pc is running fine.havent tried lappy as i only use that occasionally.
                      ok.;. i tried out your c/p suggestion. yahoo wont let me do that in email. it let me drag n drop a pic in there but my daughter who i sent it to didnt get the was blank. which is what happens in hotmail too.ill go open i e and see if it does it ok using that. i hate the thing.but if its ok in that then its def a firefox prob.

                    • NOW GOT 2.80GHz. 80GB 760MB of RAM

                      The first is the clock speed of the processor, the second the size of your hard drive, and the last is just plain inadequate for anything at all – did you actually buy this computer from PC World? Because by the look of it, it was an old, out of date, model when you bought it. If that really is the maximum memory it’ll take, you’ve been had.

                      Nope – it’s not a Firefox problem, absolutely not. The source of all your problems is that the amount of memory you have is utterly useless. And it will have got worse over the years because software has become increasingly complex and more demanding of memory – and Firefox is no exception.

                      On my PC, Firefox uses 1.3GB of memory – so can you see why it freezes and generally gives you grief when it’s only got a part share of 760MB. If it was just sitting there, not connected to the Internet, Firefox would still need more memory than you actually have.

                      Deleting cookies and history to improve performance is a joke. It works for about 10 minutes, and as soon as you go back online you start to reacquire all the cookies and history you deleted – it’s utterly futile. It’s also advice that dates back to the early 90s, and is no longer relevant. Computers now have more than enough memory to cope with all the history and cookies you could wish for, and some to spare. Except, of course, yours doesn’t.

                      def a firefox prob

                      No, it’ll prove nothing except IE has different memory needs than FF – it’s a computer problem or possibly a Yahoo problem. Firefox is fine, I can copy and paste into emails from now til hell freezes, there simply isn’t a problem. If you can see an image, unless it’s protected so you can’t copy it, then you can copy and paste it – it’s that simple.

                      It’s not hard to understand Dee – memory has been measured in GB, not MB, for over a decade, 760MB, for a PC bought in 2004, is a total crock.

                      My advice, when you can afford it, is to buy online, as far away from PC World as you can get.

                    • i hate buying anything electrical or puter stuff online unless its a mouse or keyboard. i like to see them working if i can. plus buying online means i dont get the same help /maintenance as i do now. i dont have anyone i can trust to do anything i cant on my nephews attempt at reformatting it proved.
                      as for being done. this was bought when xp was new, its done me well most of the time till my nephew reformatted it earlier this year cos was not performing as it had always done. it didnt reformat properly, for some reason. which is why it went in for repair. seems to me pc problem solving dont go by common sense/either that or the same thing as always. a mans idea of common sense is far removed from a womans. cos if it works in one browser but not another then to me it has to be the fault of the browser it wont work in.or an incompatibility between that browser and the programme your working with,
                      maybe im NOT understanding things as well as i used to.,in which case i will need experts more than ever as i get older.oh well. ill plod on. from now on ill be making my christmas cards so wont be online as much anyway as i do the fronts by hand. inners only on pc.

                    • Thought it was 8 years old? XP was new in 2001, and even then 760MB would still have been rubbish, borderline for Win 98. hopeless for XP.

                      There’s never any need to reformat a hard drive unless you’re doing a clean install of an operating system (reformatting wipes the hard drive – it’s not a repair strategy).

                      It seems OK to you because you have nothing to compare it to. I’ve a friend who’s running XP on 512MB and, like you, he simply can’t understand how rubbish that really is because he’s never used anything better. I can’t use his PC – it’s glacially slow compared to mine.

                      760MB, for XP, as anyone who knows anything about computers will tell you, is absolute garbage – and by that I mean absolutely do not ask PC World. They’ve already taken the cost of 3 good new computers off you – their priority is not you, it’s making money.

                      One last thought – my new PC cost me £199 750GB hard drive, 8GB memory DVD ReWriter (just the base unit, no OS or monitor) – that’s as cheap as it gets and still be worth having.

                      And sorry, but that really is my last word on this subject. I’m too ill to carry on with an argument that’s going nowhere.

                    • ok. tried i.e…. it wont let me either c/p or drag n drop into the yahoo email but the attach file prog within the email prog does work.didnt freeze up as it does when using firefox/yahoo/hotmail. so must be a firefox prob.

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