43 thoughts on “Have you been getting my blog updates?

  1. Yes, just not done much responding etc., as have spent most of the week sleeping grabbing enough spoons to do short spells on twitter etc. Not to bad right now but will be helping my mum with bit’s and bob’s of moving tomorrow so will probably screw me for the next week again. Hope all is going well for you Ron?


  2. Don’t get any notifications here Ron and haven’t done for about 3 weeks or more, only see your updates when I come on to your blog.

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. On balance, tonight, it’s looking like a BT problem, so it’s probably worth checking out their online spam filter (it lives with your mailbox).

    I’ll come back to this tomorrow, so please, keep your feedback coming.


  4. I got mine ok thanks, some great comments. We love it when you give the “Muppet show” a bollocking, sorry I should have said “our wonderful, disabled friendly government”.

    Nick (A fan of Rons Rants)

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  5. Ron,

    Received 0200 hrs 25/11. Not bt , tt!

    Recommend frozen veg for casseroles, high speed(?) alternative, when no grip for knives. Taste and consistancy acceptable.
    Weight watchers sauces at reduced prices as a taste shortcut.
    Stainless steel with double handles – yes.
    Induction in portable mode – yes. (Less than £30 @ Aldi or Lidl, when available. Somebody has to go and retrieve for me on bad days, so needs planning on better days.) Good for simmmmmering on low wattage with timer. Wait to cool, follow up on next wake up.
    Oven is safer but must not ‘hot handle’. Batch cook baked spuds for next casserole to save peeling. Condensation helps to wipe oven clean, when cooled.
    Struggle for days to deal with dirty dishes etc.. Hope nothing drops on floor.
    Mad about Bargains to check for supermarket offers.

    Chin up and carry on shipbuilding. (Worked with Lairds occasionally, some good people.)

    Hope I made sense, reading / writing difficult.

    • ceapilot…… my son has a tendency to drop things thus breaking them, frequently. i gave him my dishwasher ~(replacing it with a new one for myself) to try out. a little 4 place setting one,he lives on his own though has a lot of friends forever popping in to see him.so often lots of mugs and glassware to be washed. he finds it helps a lot and much fewer breakages if he leaves them to cool and dry before putting away.

    • I developed a routine for dealing with dishes – every time I went into the kitchen, I’d wash something – a plate here, a pan there. Worked well. Then I bought a water filter jug which lives in the fridge, which means I hardly go in the kitchen where before I’d be out there at least six times a day for water to take my meds.

      Oh well . . .

  6. im not on BT Ron. im on virgin but as you know i wasnt getting them and when i came to see if you were ok. i found i had to re-subscribe to your blog. now getting them ok.

  7. Have fiddled with the spam filter with BT/Yahoo – we’ll see how that goes – strange ‘cos I used to get the notifications.

  8. Way too many to answer individually, but thanks for all your replies. It seems there isn’t a major problem, except possibly with BT.

    If you’re with Sky, and their server-side spam filter keeps stealing legit email, then you’re stuck with it, because it can’t be trained and there’s no way to turn it off – or if there is, I haven’t found it – the only answer is to keep checking it.

  9. I’m just catching up on all posts from folk in a back to front order as I’ve been working all weekend so, yes I’ve been getting your blogs regularly.

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