– a resolution, finally!

Got a letter on Saturday from, finally conceding that they are a bunch of useless pricks who have screwed up big-time. I paraphrase slightly, you understand…

They do not, in fact, see that they have done anything wrong, yet this entire farce should have been wound up the day that they proved to me that they’d delivered to someone who was conspicuously not me.

Now they’re trying to tell me they don’t know what happened to my order at all, which is a flat-out lie.

About a month ago I reported the matter to the Communications Ombudsman – the result was a long silence, broken on the 20th by an email asking why I hadn’t signed and returned the letter they’d sent 3 weeks earlier, and giving me 7 days to respond or they’d close the case.

I emailed them pointing out that I hadn’t had their damn letter, so would they please email it and I’d sign it and send it straight back. That got me an automated reply saying they’d try to respond within 10 days!

OK, that might have been acceptable if I was just emailing them out of the blue, but I wasn’t, it was a reply to their email – which their system should have been capable of recognising and clearly wasn’t.

So I faxed them the same message. No response, and nothing has been snagged by the server-side spam filter.

So not only are the most useless buggers you never want to do business with, but if you do, and come unstuck, you’ll find the Ombudsman just as incompetent – my 7 days, by the way, expires tomorrow.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the witless pillock who wrote to me doesn’t even know how to refund my money – would I please contact my bank and ask their advice?

Look, dumbass – just refund the card you debited in the first place – it’s really not that bloody hard!