A Morality tale for Christmas . . .

Originally published last years but still relevant.

Once upon a time, there was an evil, shiny, greasy Troll who, trying to blag his way to the Top Troll’s job, was quite happy to pimp his disabled son in furtherance of his own aims. And, lo! The miserable sack of shit got the job, even though his son had died the previous year.

So now, Greasy Top Troll felt he had no need to pretend he was compassionate, or even human, and set out, in a spirit of vengeance, to punish all disabled people for still being alive. He also, in an almost unbelievable descent into immorality, decided to use his dead son’s disability as a benchmark against which all others would be judged – and found wanting into perpetuity.

To aid him in his despicable plans, he launched a campaign of lies, accusing disabled people of ruining the country through massive fraud, and actually revelling in living in poverty.

To aid him in this, he recruited a Master of Lies, known as that Useless Bald Fuck, who had once been Shadow Top Troll, but had failed miserably. Terrified of another failure, Useless Bald Fuck prayed to the shade of one Joseph Goebbels, to aid him in the creation of a Lie Factory the like of which the world hadn’t seen since Goebbels had his own Lie Factory which once ruled the world, now a mere shadow, compared to that which the Useless Bald Fuck created, feeding lies and disinformation to the press, and the Troll party’s tame broadcaster, the BBC, most of whom repeated them an infinitum and ad nauseam, without once pausing to wonder if they were true.

Leaving his Special Advisor witches to run the Lie factory, that Useless Bald Fuck set about changing all the rules, to ensure that any disabled people who slipped through Top Trolls new assessment system (administered by the goblin tribe known as Atos, eternally reviled wherever humans heard the name), would barely have enough to live on, and so it went on.

Then in an upsurge of evil so staggering that cries of “What the fuck…?” faintly echoed up from the depths of Hell, Greasy Top Troll and Evil Bald Fuck conceived a plan to ensure that no parents with a disabled child could ever again afford to look after that child, thus ensuring that, in the future, babies yet unborn would be inspected for disabilities which would impoverish their parents, yea, even unto the third generation, and ensuring that those disabled unborn babies would remain for ever unborn.

Happy fucking Christmas, you godless cocksucker!

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    • And as nothing’s changed, except for the worse, since I wrote it last year, I thought it couldn’t hurt to re-post it this year. Oddly not making the same impact though.

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