Just how sane are David Cameron, and Iain Duncan Smith?

Is it sane to force chronically sick and disabled people, living in poverty because they’re too ill/disabled to work for a salary, into virtual Workfare slavery, to work for their benefits?

Is it sane to shut down the Remploy network, which provides employment for disabled people, only to force those same people on to benefits and into the Workfare slave market?

Has Cameron’s deep hatred for the chronically sick and disabled, evident since the moment he took office, ever appeared to be the behaviour of a man with a firm grip on his sanity?

Do IDS’s ever more vicious and draconian assaults on the rights of the sick and disabled, come from a mind that is properly balanced and at peace with itself?

And why do both of them lie so obviously and consistently  about us, with IDS’s propaganda machine feeding lies to the right-wing – for which, in the greater part, read Murdoch-owned – press? Do normal people lie so obsessively?

It’s my belief that the death of Cameron’s son, Ivan – for whom he wasn’t slow in claiming the benefits he’s busily denying others – poisoned his mind against the rest of us, so that he hates us simply for being alive while Ivan is dead and, by his perverted standards, prospering on state handouts.

As for Duncan Smith, he simply doesn’t have an excuse – I think he gets off on sucking up to his Dark Lord, the pair of them bouncing off and reinforcing each other.

As for Osborne they, doubtless, encourage him to repeatedly raid the welfare budget to cover his own mind-numbing stupidity and incompetence, and give IDS another excuse to tighten the screws.

I truly don’t know whether IDS and Cameron are genuinely insane, or whether they are two of the most evil and duplicitous people ever to strut the political stage of this increasingly benighted country. But neither of them, I am quite certain, is fit to hold office.

The only question is – what do we do about it? What, in fact, can we do about it?

The deaths of the sick and disabled continue to mount by 70-odd per week, a figure set to rise as a direct result of the policies of these two people because, from tomorrow, the International Day for Disabled People, the sick and disabled will be forced, doubtless in a spirit of mockery, into UNLIMITED Workfare.

Ask yourselves – in all seriousness – is that actually sane?

The Nazis were fond of forced labour, too, and of working their victims to death – so tell me, please, how is what Cameron and Duncan Smith are doing in any way different?

And the German people looked on, slack-jawed, while muttering “Nothing to do with us,” just as the British people are right now.

Arbeit Macht Frei?

Don’t kid yourselves.

Arbeit Macht Tot.**

And it is a deliberate policy.

Whose turn will it be next?

**Work makes you dead.


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  2. There is nothing sane about making disabled and sick people work – they can’t – end of! There is nothing sane about the ConDem Government!

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