Update on the role of purines in beer on arthritic conditions…

In August 2010 – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? – I wrote about the effect purines in beer had on my osteo-arthritis.

Fast-forward to, well, now, when my beer consumption has been as close to zero as makes no difference (less than 500ml a week), for around 3 months,** and it’s finally sunk in that, while I have enough pain to be going on with, very little is from the joints worst affected by osteo-arthritis – my hips, knees, hands, and the dozens of tiny joints in my feet.

**For most of that time I’ve been so ill that just the thought of beer nauseated me and, while that’s no longer a problem, the habit of most of my adult life has been well and truly broken.

This seems to be good enough proof that beer – and other booze (purines are present to a greater or lesser degree in most alcoholic products, if not all) – has greatly exacerbated my condition for years. It’s also clear that while the occasional bottle does no harm, long sessions in the pub certainly do. Or did, at least.

It’s true, too, that enforced inactivity will have subjected my joints to less stress, hence less pain but, really, I’m not a great deal less active now than I was – the major difference is that I no longer go to the pub once a week to drink a lot of beer.

Bottom line, then – if you have arthritis, gout, or any other condition that can be exacerbated by the consumption of substances with a high purine content, the best thing you can do is cut them right back, or eliminate them.

So there…


5 thoughts on “Update on the role of purines in beer on arthritic conditions…

  1. I wouldn’t know about the beer thing myself as I am tea-total – a choice I made many moons ago as my father was an alcoholic. My sisters however, all drink, though not to an alcoholic state – but they drink and they all suffer with pain in their joints. Perhaps I should show them this post???? Would they take any notice? I don’t think so so I’ll just believe what your experiences have taught you.

    • To be honest, I didn’t realise just how much pain it was causing until I had to stop going to the pub. Would I have stopped voluntarily had I known earlier? Probably not as, crappy though it was, it was my entire social life! 😦

  2. That’s a damn shame Ron – I know that you have been far too ill to get to the pub but perhaps, in time, you may be able to get there again? It stinks having no social life. OK, I’m lucky that I have a hubby but I still feel really lonely if you know what I mean? I hope you can get to the stage were you can go to the pub again, even if you have soft drinks (besides, you wouldn’t be able to afford the prices of booze!) – not with the Nazi Government we have!!!!

    • Ha! I once said I’d quit drinking when beer reached £1 a pint. Last pint I bought was £3.30.

      To be honest, though, having broken the habit, I’m not keen to start again.

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