Soon to be, or already, homeless? Forced migration awaits you…

It’s been kicking around the news for some time now, that London councils – and doubtless others – are planning to ship their homeless, whose numbers will soon be swollen by all those pushed into penury by benefits cuts, to other towns.

So London’s homeless are to be forcibly relocated to Margate, Manchester, Derby, Liverpool, Aberdeen, or wherever. A few questions spring to mind about that, none of which seem to have been addressed in the many thousands of words I’ve read on this subject.

Firstly, who pays for the new accommodations? (Who pays for the move, for that matter, as some newly-created, soon-to-be-homeless families, not yet on the streets, will have their belongings to move too?) Is it the council doing the social cleansing (and realistically, how is this anything but social cleansing?), or the destination town?  If the latter, how is that even legal, never mind fair?

And what of  the destination town’s indigenous homeless? Where do they go when potential homes, however crappy and temporary they might be, have been occupied by enforced migrants from elsewhere?

Are they then shuffled off to other towns, to repeat the process there? And again. And again. And what happens when they get to, say, Wick? Do these human lemmings, on their forced migration, finally fall off the edge into oblivion? A solution no doubt immensely desirable to the over-privileged psychopaths running this country, but probably best avoided, all things considered. Or are there plans afoot to ship them abroad to some of the more sparsely-populated areas of the EU? Wouldn’t surprise me.

This is a system doomed to failure, the problems it solves in one place simply hived off to another, which is then forced to repeat the process, ad infinitum. It solves problems nowhere but London – it just creates more problems elsewhere, passed on from town to town.

It’s as absurd as it is obscene – simply persecution of the poor, many of whom were, or will be, made poor by this government’s policies. Let London deal with its own problems, not make them somebody else’s.


4 thoughts on “Soon to be, or already, homeless? Forced migration awaits you…

  1. Unbelievable. How dare they treat people like this. The homeless should be homed, not shipped elsewhere. How is this even legal?

    • The government admits that it will face legal challenges, but will no doubt ride roughshod over those as with everything and everybody else.

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  3. I expect those evicted out of London will be rehoused in all the homes which people are forced to leave through the Bedroom Tax

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