Does Labour regard the sick and disabled with contempt?

In Lords of the Blog, Baroness Lister of Burtersett takes Osborne to task over his use of the terms “strivers” and “skivers” but, while accepting that the “strivers” are  “… generally people living on benefit,” who are “…making their way with considerable effort,” she completely fails – whether deliberately or by oversight – to mention, even in passing, those hundreds of thousands of us who are tagged as “skivers,” when we’re not being labelled scroungers, but are, in reality, chronically sick and disabled, and for many of whom just getting dressed represents “considerable effort” and in a lot of cases, it’s an effort too far.

We, too, strive to survive on benefits, a task the apparently unhinged IDS is determined to make more difficult with every month that passes – seems like every day at times – with the aid of the pathetically inept Osborne, who keeps hacking lumps off the welfare budget, seemingly with no end in sight, both of them operating at the behest of their Dark Lord, Cameron, who hates us all with a black and festering passion.

We also strive, many of us, to survive not just on benefits, but to survive at all. And far too many of us fail, adding to the mountain of dead that must be laid at the feet of this putrescent, soulless, triumvirate.

And yet, in that blog post, we rate not a single word; not even a footnote.

Granted, we are outnumbered by the unemployed and the underpaid, but we simply cannot be brushed aside as if we did not exist at all. The cuts, and the associated punitive legislation, after all, affect us disproportionately more severely than any other group.

That a Conservative peer would make such an omission would, perhaps, be understandable, as most of that benighted party wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the arse, but Lister is a Labour peer, and that simply cannot be excused.

The question is, was it a genuine oversight, or an indication that the Tory-Lite Labour Party, under Ed Miliband, regards us with the same contempt as the genuine Tories do?

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  3. A question I’ve been asking the LP for the past 6 months, sadly to no avail!

    But I will keep striving and I’m not alone – that at least keeps me going

    Brilliant Post Ron Thanks

  4. Hi Ron,
    Yes! and new labour gave them the foundation for genocide, as you know. Keep up the good work Ron.
    The bastards are cutting, sheltered housing alarms/wardens and are going to re access all 0/2 user’s with a more ” robust attitude “, so they are taking away the air that we breath.

  5. We are screwed whatever we do – it’s so bad – and we are only seen as malingering scroungers. My hubby, who has been disabled for 20 years, got a letter this morning to attend an interview at our Jobcentre Plus – it’s to check on the benefits he receives – WTF – if they take another penny from us we won’t be able to live – we will have to give up the bungalow that we rent privately – its got 2 bedrooms ‘cos we disturb each other so much – the council will only offer us a one bed box, so were we are supposed to keep our disability aids I don’t know. I don’t know what the letter means, nor does hubby – its for the 27th of this month. Happy fooking Christmas to us. If the take any more off us or try to say that we can work, then we truly may as well be dead! I can’t cope anymore – I just can’t.

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