Foreign aid or disability benefits – which comes first?

Should we be paying out billions on foreign aid, much of it lost to corruption and maladministration along the way, when we have a government that claims we don’t have enough money to support our own most vulnerable citizens – the chronically sick and disabled – and, instead, prefers to punish them for being chronically sick and disabled?

A commenter at the Guardian thinks we should, saying:-

Both this government and the Labour government before agree that it is our social responsibility as members of the human race to help the less fortunate peoples.

This was my reply:-

Fair enough – so let’s start by not driving our own sick and disabled citizens into penury, suicide, and deaths in their thousands as a result of Cameron’s and IDS’s punitive policies.

Being sick and disabled is not a fucking crime – but it’s being treated as if it is, and sufferers are being punished for it.

Sure, I agree, let’s by all means help less fortunate people – of which we have an ample supply right here at home who are being shown fuck all in the way of humanity, but instead are being demonised and penalised because of something over which they have no control.

Nobody wants to swap a well-paid job for poverty line benefits unless they’re forced to, as I was. In autumn 1985 I was mountain-walking in Austria – in autumn 1986 I was in a wheelchair, and still am.

That should not be a crime, but by IDS’s perverted standards – and Cameron’s – it is.

10 thoughts on “Foreign aid or disability benefits – which comes first?

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  3. I agree with every. Thing u say ,I too was fit and well and in a well paid job which I lost due to my failing health ! Life on benefits is not a free ride to me ,its a degrading miserable benefit ,I’m really struggling to make ends meet . I got down graded on my dla by 70 pounds a week when in fact my health had worsened ! I would far rather be out working and in good health than trying to survive on david camerons (****) pittance !

  4. I fully understand where you come from, but am very wary of this type of argument. I can just imagine Tory glee at manipulating it and begin another campaign as to how disabled people are racist?!

    I do agree the whole issue of Foreign aid needs investigating but only to ensure the people who need it receive it; I also believe there is more than enough £ in the UK for both, when correctly Governed!?

    • There’s IS plenty of money in the UK, I’m fully aware of that – but that’s not my point.

      My point is that we are constantly being TOLD that we cannot afford to pay our most vulnerable citizens the money to afford the most basic of necessities – food, clothing, and shelter. On that basis – and let’s not forget that most cuts won’t bite until next year – and on that basis alone, disbursing billions in foreign aid when our own people are being put on the streets, is entirely wrong.

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  6. The minute you accept that it’s an either/or choice, you start singing their song. The way vulnerable people are being treated in the UK would be a crime against humanity whatever the aid budget was.

  7. Agree 100% with you Ron – hubby was in a job he loved and had been there since he was 15 – then at 32 he suffered a brain hemorrhage and has been disabled and in great pain since. I was a medical secretary and I earned good money but I had to give up my job due to hubby being so ill (and I don’t regret it for a moment ‘cos I know he would have done the same for me) – a few years later and I am disabled! We both hate having to take money from the taxpayers even though for years we both worked and paid our taxes. We find it awful to be seen as scroungers – we are not, but the Government puts out that we are, stupid people who believe everything they read in papers and hear on TV agree with them! Idiots – they can’t even see that it’s OUR money as taxpayers that pays for everything – it’s OUR money that pays the Government huge wages and lets them all fiddle the country with their schemes – and then makes US pay for THEIR mistakes. They are going to be stopping aid to India soon as India have already said that they don’t need OUR money – yet look at the poverty and they way the poor are treated in that country. Methinks that is what our Government want for the poor and sick in this country. Aid is for helping people who are in financial straits, who are not able to live on the amount they receive, are unable to afford to live in homes and are now starting even more to live on the streets and in tents at the sides of the roads! That’s the UK now – and will get worse next year – it will. We need that help here – right here in the UK – but the Government don’t want to give it to US, the taxpayers – after all, that would mean that they would be able to choose to eat and heat – as now they can do neither! OUR money should go to US and then sort out other countries, we could do both but then that would mean someone actually getting facts and figures right and stopping all these bloody inquiries that are then thrown in the bin! And we should NOT have to pay for the idiotic mistake made by the Department of Transport – that £50m should not be taken from OUR money! I’m a great believer, as are an awful lot of people, that say charity should begin at home – and it’s right!

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