Beware of Tesco’s Clementines…

And yes, I am serious.

Last night I ate two of them, both almost totally tasteless (even the skin, pith removed, just tasted bitter, not orangey). Within half an hour I felt desperately nauseous and still do.

I don’t know if they’re contaminated by pesticides – though how this would render them tasteless I have no idea – but there is something radically wrong with them.

Interestingly, last week I bought a batch of Clems from Ocado. Just one of them was tasteless – and made me feel a little pukey, which quickly passed – the rest were perfect, so there’s clearly something going on with the Spanish Clem crop as both Tesco’s and Ocado’s are the same variety – Clemenules – and from Spain.

My advice is to avoid them like the plague. Or, at the very least, taste a segment and, if it’s tasteless, bin the whole thing.


2 thoughts on “Beware of Tesco’s Clementines…

  1. In a past life, I was working a 17 hour day, 7 day week** for one of the main growers and importers of salad products in the UK. We had to stop importing from Spain as the farmers were spraying the fields with raw sewage! This led to a number of cases of Juan’s Revenge! I now won’t touch ANYTHING from Spain as the standards of food hygiene there, and worse still “Farm Hygiene” on products to be eaten raw are to be frank (IMHO) appalling.
    ** I wonder if my working habits in some way contributed to my current state of health, or am I, as the Government keep implying simply a lazy fat freeloader?

    • I grew a lot of my own veg in the 70s-80s, and I think that contributed to my downfall – organophosphate insecticides were very popular, mainly because bugger all else worked – and were ultimately banned. Far too late.

      Didn’t actually spray the veg with it, but the greenhouse structure and shed (arachnophobe!).

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