Britain – a country stolen by a liar…

“The test of a good strong society is how we look after most vulnerable, most frail and the poorest,” David Cameron, April 2010.


“We can’t go on like this – I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS,” Notorious pre-election poster, 2010.

Cameron lies

Compare and contrast those two statements with the subsequent reality. Over 11,000 sick and disabled people dead as a result of his government’s punitive policies, thousands more forced into virtual slavery, and potentially over a million at risk of losing their meagre benefits in the change from IB to ESA (a strategy designed not to get people into work but to remove them from the disability benefits system, for which you can thank David Freud, James Purnell, and Labour), and in the change from DLA to PIP, in which Cameron has declared, personally, that he wants to see 20% of claimants removed from benefit no matter how legitimate their claims. He simply wants them gone.

And then we have the NHS, being flogged off even as I type this, to yet another carpetbagger** of a company.

**In the original context, which is bugger all to do with politics and everything to do with profiting from the misfortunes of others.


No political party completely honours its pre-election promises, that’s a given (in my lifetime, anyway), but I have never known one man to have been so comprehensively, so blatantly, dishonest.

He lied, not just to Parliament, at which he’s adept, like the rest of his front bench, but to the entire country. This is not like the dimwit Clegg and his reckless promise not to raise tuition fees, only to find he had little or no say in the matter. It is, rather, a man who made promises to the country which he had absolutely no intention of keeping – he’d barely got his key in the door of No. 10 before he launched his war of lies and disinformation against the chronically sick and disabled, and on housing benefit too.

Remember the hoards of families claiming thousands of pounds a week in benefits, including HB – a crime against society which had to be stopped? Another lie – turned out to be 4 or 5 families.

Now, of course, IDS, another stranger to the truth, has his SpAd-powered Lie Factory cranked up to churn out an endless stream of ever more unhinged propaganda. And, of course, despite all the evidence, he refuses to admit that the wheels are coming off Universal Credit, when it’s obviously a complete shambles. A system of benefits which one can claim only online, when millions of prospective claimants don’t even have a computer, nor would they know what to do with one if given one, plus broadband, is clearly doomed to failure.

Lying, then, is clearly something this government is obsessed with – I sincerely doubt that there is a single cabinet member who is either honest and/or sane, because such an unending torrent of lies can surely emanate only from pathological liars.

This is what Wikipedia says about Pathological Liars:-

Lying is the act of both knowingly and intentionally/wilfully making a false statement. Most people do so out of fear. Pathological lying is considered a mental illness, because it takes over rational judgement and progresses into the fantasy world and back. [End] It says much more, but the gist is here.

Look familiar?

But what can be done? Cameron effectively, even if only just, stole the country by lying to the people, blatantly and doubtless, given subsequent events, with malice aforethought.

Is that a crime? If so, why isn’t he being prosecuted? Can you really steal a country through duplicity and get away scot free?

It bloody looks like it, doesn’t it?

And what, exactly, are the people whose country was stolen out from under them doing? Absolutely nothing. Can you even imagine another country – France, say – sitting still for such an atrocity?

Are we really the same country that once laid claim to half the world? That stood against two of the mightiest and most successful armies the world has seen – Napoleon and Hitler – and won?

It would appear not. We’d sooner beat up a blind man, and his guide dog, or stone disabled people in wheelchairs, or attack the homeless. The Guardian observes that we’ve lost the fire in our bellies – that’s far too polite – we simply don’t have the balls any longer!

Anyone out there care to prove me wrong? The unions, perhaps, who arguably have the most power? What are you doing, guys? Marches don’t work, or demos, or occupations. So what now?

Don’t wait til 2015 and hope the ballot box will solve all our problems, because there’s every chance that the Left’s vote, in the absence of a credible Labour leadership (Ed might sparkle at PMQs, poking Cameron with a stick to see how purple he gets before he strokes out, the rest of the time he’s a damp squib**), will be fragmented among the minor parties, bringing the Tories back – with or without Cameron by then – with a majority.

**He also refuses to come out in defence of the chronically sick and disabled, or any other group currently being persecuted by Cameron and company, which will cost him dearly at the election time.

If anybody has any plans in the pipeline, or any idea what we can do to take back our country from the liars, thieves and profiteers, then I urge you not to wait too long – time is not on our side.


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  4. A Million Thanks for this Ron, no punches pulled, only those who live in Denial would Disagree and by Gawd there is no shortage of them. Unfortunately for all the victims [ Im referring mainly about our Elderly as an example, many of whom are sick & disabled] of the 3 Parties, it DID,NT commence with Nazty Labour Freud, Purnell in 2005, but has been happening for almost 3 decades, Foolishly People believe that its only the Tory Party who start with the weakest, the Realists no Different. Shame on Them ALL!

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