Instant hot water at the press of a button, for Spoonies…

For those on Twitter, I wrote the following for @Spoonydoc . It grew from a reference to my new hot drinks machine, and the question “Will it dispense water to make tea/coffee?”

It will, but there are other machines which are specifically designed for that purpose (not just tea and coffee, of course, but anything you can make by adding hot water, like soup or noodles), have a greater water capacity, are probably faster as, due to its design, mine squirts water through a needle, and so are of arguably more use, and should be ideal for anyone confined to bed, or whose mobility is otherwise seriously impaired, as they can be used wherever they can be plugged in, so I thought I’d share it:-

There’s more info on my machine here but, yes, it will just dispense hot water.

I don’t drink tea, but I do know that the temperature required to brew coffee is at least 95C, and it makes very good coffee, so it should be OK for tea. The reservoir holds 1.3 litres which, of course, weighs 1.3kg, plus the weight of the container, say about 3lb, total, in old money. 4-5 cups, depending on size.

However, if you want it to just supply hot water, there are machines which do just that, which hold more water and are probably a better choice. Cost is about the same.

Take a look at these

Some, quite clearly, are derived from coffee machines and having had a quick look at them, this one appears to have the biggest water capacity, at 2 litres which is good for 6 or 7 cups (based on a 300ml cup).

There are a couple of bizarre reviews to be aware of. One person says the taste of Perspex came through strongly. Since Perspex doesn’t taste of anything (and it’s probably a more modern acrylic anyway, which also has no taste), that’s ludicrous. I’m guessing they didn’t follow instructions and flush it out with water before using, something you always have to do with this sort of device whether it dispenses coffee or just water.

Another gets worked up about the need to de-scale these things, but that’s a given anyway. Basically, the more you use it, the more frequently it’ll need de-scaling. Likewise it depends on how hard your water is. If your water is very hard, and you drink a lot of tea it might need doing every couple of weeks, but it’s quite simple and just means running a de-scaling liquid through it, then a container of water to clean it. A task which is neither difficult nor time-consuming.

As so often with Amazon, some complaints are clearly down to user error. This machine has 4 stars from 407 reviews, which suggests there’s not a lot, if anything wrong with it.

Hope this helps.

Ron (at Ron’s Rants blog)


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  1. Hi, I have one of those Breville machines and i wouldn’t be without it. much safer to use for one thing. no lifting full kettles of hot water, or kettle with any amount of hot water in it. use a jug to fill machine with cold water. stick your cup under it with tea bag or coffee in it. press button. hot water in 2 seconds flat. and a lovely cuppa. if you like weak tea though. dont put teabag in till its gone slightly off the boil. well worth the money.

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