250,000 reason to carry on writing…

Not that I need an excuse – writing is as much a part of me as breathing – but I’m really crap at thinking up titles.

At 01.27 this morning an event I’d been anticipating for a couple of days finally happened – my blog recorded its quarter of a millionth page view this year.

OK, I know that there are blogs that get that many in a morning, but I don’t care. To me, mine is the only one that matters.

Obviously, no matter how much a blogger writes, ultimately it’s all down to you, the readers, and I’d like to thank you all for making this milestone possible.

For novice bloggers, it might be worth sitting up and paying attention, because no matter how thin your numbers are right now – in my first month, April 2008, I got 43 hits, last month 30,333 – they will get better; if you make the effort to give people what they want, they’ll read it, and keep coming back for more.

There are a couple of things that I consider vitally important, though. One is a total dedication to the Spell-check button and proof-reading, and the other is to always give it your best shot. No matter whether it’s just a squib saying, Hey, I’m still here! after a dry spell, or a holiday, or 5,000 words on a subject you feel deeply passionate about, they must be, absolutely, the best you can make them.

Inevitably, being the person I am (I believe that knowledge has little value unless it’s shared, which is one reason for the existence of this blog), I’ve written several posts on the subject of writing for blogs, and this seems like an opportune moment to put them in front of a new audience, so you’ll find them here.


7 thoughts on “250,000 reason to carry on writing…

  1. Congratulations Ron, here’s hoping that 2013 will bring the next 1/4 million soon! While I don’t always agree with you I do value the brutal way that you express your opinions on a range of topics, many of which are close to my heart (pun intended!).Seasons Greetings to you, look forward to reading more of the same in the New Year!

  2. Great news Ron, I’m so glad I came across you’re site thanks to twitter and the bond we all have in common in campaigning. I was just telling my mum today that I had met some really wonderful people on line. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes Always. xx

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