Royal Mail Time Machine…

The Guardian has an article speculating on whether or not the Royal Mail will still be around this time next year. Given their currently mind-blowing inefficiency, I’d say the real question is will they still be around last year, since they seem to be temporally confused.

For example, they seem unaware that the past actually precedes the future, based on this response I got this morning to a tracking request:-

Come back later:

The sender has advised us that item JC120826495GB will be posted into the Royal Mail network on the 2012-12-18.

So, my package is going to be posted yesterday.

That’s a pretty good trick.


2 thoughts on “Royal Mail Time Machine…

  1. cant say i can complain with my lot over here. especially my regular postie. one package supposedly went missing that i was expecting. having been sent, i was told, by first class recorded delivery (yet postage on the item was only £1.99.???.. not 100% sure but could of sworn recorded delivery started around the £4 mark.) anyway, the seller sent another ,this time it WAS recorded or at least had to be signed for so i wasn’t bothered. that i am sure was the seller to blame not the royal mail. however my postie is a gem. he always knocks to make sure i am OK. never leaves post in my outside mail box unless i am out.and he usually knows if i am going to be.posts letters if i cant get out myself cos of illness or weather. on first name terms.i know about his 2 children where they go for holidays. wife;s name etc etc.even exchange Xmas cards ,hes been coming here so long. if they nationalise/ privatise it from what i read on MSN news the other day, we will lose that. the majority of posties in rural areas have always kept an eye out for signs all is not well with the elderly on their patches.we wont have regular ones any more the article said.just one more aspect of life being taken away from the elderly. those few words with the postman may be the only ones they hear, the postie being the only person they see . perhaps in days. my council no longer provide the help they did re putting up shelves,flat packs etc or changing the bulbs in the outside lights that were put up by them after police intervention when 2 of the 8 bungalows in this cul de sac burgled (along with 58 other bungalows mainly on this estate.) a few years ago. when mine started dithering the other day i was told to ask whoever changes my indoor ones……told them they had done up to press as i had no one who could do it. besides which i use long life so no need to do it that often. told to do it myself…………. cant reach and cant get up on a chair these days let alone safely change a bulb without going dizzy. they talk out of their asses,
    so thats 3 things the elderly relied on.for one reason or another.
    starting now to put them at risk of falling etc. and not seeing who is at the door when its dark. we cant have spyholes in the new doors cos they are not wood and if no light outside we still wouldn’t see who it is without opening the door.
    thats me off mi soapbox…………for now.

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