Forget the Maya – the poverty apocalypse is already here…

Writing a comment in the Huffington Post, gently poking fun at those who stock up for the end of the world (what part of “world” and “end of” were they having trouble with?), it occurred to me that I, too, have good stocks of food, not for any mythical apocalypse but simply because, sooner or later, this benighted land is going to explode into violence – if people ever abandon their pull-the-ladder-up-I’m-all-right-Jack attitude, that is.

I mean – could you imagine, say, France, putting up with the shit we’ve had foisted upon us, with the most vulnerable members of society demonised and persecuted, to the extent that a large section of society as a whole has turned against us – when they haven’t turned on us? The place would be a bloodbath. There’s already talk of civil war in Greece.

Here, anyone who isn’t directly affected couldn’t give a toss, for the most part, that we’re barely a whisker away from it being a crime to be sick and disabled. It’s already punishable, by loss of benefits, to be too ill to take part in mandatory Workfare.

Of course, we have a society in which gun ownership is all but banned, which makes any realistic rebellion just a tad difficult, and if you think well, so what, just bear in mind that we’ve already seen how legitimate forms of protest – marches, demos, occupations, are routinely ignored. There’s not a lot left.

The reasoning behind the banning of guns was the death tolls from a couple of nutters going on the rampage, in Hungerford, and in Dunblane. It has to be said, though, that tragic though these events were for those involved, the gun ban has done absolutely nothing to stop random psychopaths going berserk and gunning people down in the street.

Arguably, it’s done nothing to reduce gun crime, either, because it affected only the law-abiding. All it’s done is leave the vast majority of citizens without legitimately-held firearms, while the nutters, the criminal fraternity, and gang members, seem to have no trouble arming themselves.

And I think Dunblane and Hungerford proved a temptation too difficult to resist, for the Tory governments of the day (Dunblane, 1992, John Major; Hungerford,  1987, Thatcher), when it came to removing legitimately-held weapons from the general public. Nothing more biddable than a populace that is almost totally unarmed – isn’t that so Dave?

And those who are still armed – farmers, and the huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ fraternity – are largely Tory.

When Spamface introduced the policy of sacking the military right before they hit the qualifying date for their pensions, I had a feeling that the repercussions would be violent – you don’t, after all, fuck with the guys with all the guns – but no, they seem to have just rolled over.

Apathy in this septic isle, except among those directly affected, rules. Nobody gives a bugger as long as it’s not them or their families, but you’re being very short-sighted, people, you truly are.

None of us in the chronically sick and disabled community expected to spend a large part of our lives on benefits, not even those of us born disabled, or who had disability thrust upon us from a very early age. The same with unemployment – those of us who survived being part of Maggie’s Millions never thought to see its like again, but here we are.

Thing is, though, those of you on the outside looking in, enjoying good health, and the earnings from a good job, really shouldn’t feel too smug. An unexpected virus, a driver not paying attention – and you could be that driver – you could even be struck by lightning, as I was (you sure as hell won’t see that coming), or your company might suddenly downsize and show you the door. In truth, the things that can wreck your life, or your job prospects, and push you into depending upon a state that would rather you didn’t exist for your very survival, are legion – and it’s all as beyond your control as it was beyond ours.

While you’re watching the frothing insanity of IDS, or  the unhinged hatred of Cameron, and feeling happy that it’s not you they are driving down into penury, virtual slavery, or suicide, just bear in mind that what you’re looking at could so easily be your future, or your children’s future. The pogrom isn’t just happening now – it will ravage those yet unborn, too, who have the misfortune to be sick, disabled, or both, or simply poor, or unemployed. And remember, the bulk of the cuts are yet to kick in – if you think it’s bad now, it’s about to get a hell of a lot worse.

Do you really want that in your, or your family’s, future?


9 thoughts on “Forget the Maya – the poverty apocalypse is already here…

  1. ya cant educate pork they say. i reckon pigs have more intelligence than the lot we got in power…………….anyway. from now till after Xmas i am refusing to read anything depressing as far as is possible. am off to put a ham joint on too cook. its one of the few things i can wise, Happy Xmas to you Ron and all your followers on here. or as happy as you can all make it.

    • Indeed.

      First they came… (Pastor Niemoeller)
      First they came for the Communists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

      Then they came for me
      and by that time no one was left to speak up.
      Who speaks for the disabled and the sick?

      • I think of that quote every day, Ron. If we had lost the war I’d have gone to the gas chambers as I’m of Jewish descent. What Hitler failed to do Cameron, Osborne & IDS are going to complete, if we don’t stop them!

        • I well remember, last year, everybody and their brother banging on about Gandhi’s totally irrelevant quotation:-

          “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

          Yep that worked out really well . . .

          And, of course, it was only relevant with the support of an entire country behind you, and when evicting an almost bankrupt colonial power without the money or the inclination for another war. When applied to our situation it’s utterly meaningless.

        • Lord David Freud’s forebears would have gone to the gas chambers too, if they hadn’t been given sanctuary here. Now he is repaying the favour by using Nazi tactics on the Brits. Sigmund.would have called it ‘Identifying With The Aggressor’.

  2. Perhaps those who are employed and voted for him, and those who are middle class as well as working class will think a bit differently now when it affects them?

    And yes, we have rolled over as a nation – for God’s sake, if the miners of the early 20th Century could walk (and they had nothing, absolutely nothing), and although they were turned away from Downing Street – we could do the same but do it outside the Palace – the queen has the power to sack the PM and she can dissolve Government. Another thing that would speed up the Nazi parties demise would be everyone not turning up for work on certain days of the week – and I mean everyone! That could not be ignored – it would bring the country to a standstill. For God’s sake, they weren’t even voted in – there has to be someway we can get them out. There are enough of his own cabinet and back-benches who think he is mad and don’t agree with most of the tops 3’s evil decisions!

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