Problems with old posts and other blog-related stuff…

WordPress are phasing out the theme I used, and have provided a similar replacement. In some ways this is better – much clearer text, for example – and in others, worse.

The big problem is with links. The new theme, by default, just displays them as bold text, with no indication that it’s a link at all. Pretty dumb as many people never look beyond the default settings.

A bit of tinkering, though, showed that I could change the colour, and underline it, so it displays in conventional link format, so for posts written from today onwards, there won’t be a problem.

The big, in fact insurmountable, problem is that there are some 1,837 posts written prior to today, many of them heavy with links – far too many for me to even think of tackling, so the problem will remain I’m afraid. It should be possible, for anyone paying attention, to quickly figure out which are links and  which are simply bold text, especially as the links change colour if you hover the cursor over them (links mainly appear as single words, whereas when I use bold text for emphasis, it’s normally at least a sentence-worth).

I’ve looked at alternative themes, some with normal default links. but the theme I have now seems the best of a dull bunch. At least it has very good legibility which, for many of my readers, is a priority.

And don’t forget that you can set default fonts and sizes on your browser** (my blog’s written in Times New Roman, because I like its clarity). In Firefox that setting is in Tools – Options – Content. In I.E. it’s in Internet Options – General – Appearance – Fonts, but frankly it’s nowhere near as effective as the same feature is on Firefox. For example, in I.E. it displays my blog text in Courier even though the web page font is set to TNR.

**And if you have a flat-screen monitor of any sort, be sure to turn on the Clear Type feature (in Control Panel). To my mind, it also improves clarity on older CRT monitors, even though it’s claimed not to.