Spoonie kitchen tip – foil roasters…

Not one I can lay claim to, but watching Christmas with Nigella, or whatever it was called, last night, she made the point that while she likes roasting, she hates scrubbing roasting tins, so uses disposable foil ones instead, and I thought, what a great idea for spoonies. Probably too late for this Christmas though.

So, where do we get them? Tesco have them and Amazon has a surprisingly modest range, but do check prices – one ambitious seller wants a tenner for ONE. You can get metal ones for that price.

I reckon they’d be good for small joints of meat, or roasting veggies, or fish (support them on a baking tray for easier handling), but despite that fact that you can buy them for turkeys, I’m certain that would be a recipe for disaster!

If foil has a major disadvantage, it’s that it’s flexible, and you really don’t want something the size and weight of a turkey testing it to destruction and sending you off to A&E with burns.

Lakeland seem to have missed a trick here, the best they have is a pack of foil traybake trays, which would be fine for veggies or fish, sausages (if you’re the sort of pervert that roasts sausages!), or chops, but not for anything that needs much fat or oil, or will give it off while being cooked. They have a variety of other foil dishes that could be pressed into service, the largest of which is 10” square.

For those of you who are mobile, check out Poundland (while they have a website, they don’t sell online).

A check of Google returned pretty thin pickings (there’s no shortage from  catering suppliers, but I doubt any of us want to buy them by the hundred, not least because of the cost, not to mention storage problems)., but with these four most of us should find something suitable.

And if anyone thinks I’m procrastinating, writing blog posts instead of getting out in the kitchen, you’d be quite right. Not really up for the pain today, and very short of spoons but, sod it, gotta bite the bullet.

10 thoughts on “Spoonie kitchen tip – foil roasters…

  1. Next time my friend goes into town I’ll ask her to have a look in Poundland and I believe we’ve got a Home and Bargain next door to it. Pity we don’t have a Wilkinsons near us ‘cos they may have things like that in – and you can get some good bargains in there! Or at least I used to be able to get bargains there when I lived in Wales.
    I suppose Tesco will get them in after the New Year so, as you said, no good for this Christmas!

  2. The most spoony-friendly turkey I’ve cooked I did so in a roasting bag. Just popped it in and stuffed it in the oven. Took it out however long later and it was juicy and crisp in all the right places.

    However, I decided last year as it was just two of us that I wasn’t cooking The Lot and instead we had Giant Fillet Steaks (nearly 1lb each), jacket potatoes, corn and mushies/peas. Best Christmas dinner I’ve ever cooked – and I’m doing it again next week.

    I know turkey’s traditional but it’s not mandatory.

    • True – I’ve got a slow cooker full of lamb shanks, white beans, rosemary and garlic, with veggies, bubbling quietly away. Can’t stand turkey – tedious meat perfect for the Puritans who discovered it (though I suspect wild turkeys tasted better – wouldn’t be hard).

      Good point about the roasting bag, though.

  3. watch their p/p rates tho. bit pricy. pays to order as much as you can of whatever you need they sell. same price delivery n more worth it then. my orders are usually a mix of stationery, toiletries etc around xmas time.

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