Happy New Year.

Happy New Year one and all, and best wishes for a better year ahead.



16 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

    • I sent Cameron a New Year Tweet last night. Disappointingly, not a single other person on my timeline, took the opportunity:-

      Ron Graves ‏@rantsfromron

      @David_Cameron Happy New Year – which is more than the sick and disabled will get from your policies.

  1. oh i arnt saying its rubbish.i dont know enough about it to comment in that way. i just have enough with my Facebook account. i play certain games on there and all my family are on there as well as friends.well online ones anyway.

  2. Happy New Year Ron, and great tweet you sent that evil son of a bitch! Am still trying to get used to my iPhone so I’ll see if I can start and account on Twitter before the dreaded day!

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