Resolutions for 2013…

Don’t die! Something, obviously, I have a vested interest in. I realise that’s mostly out of my control, but if I stay away from people who might harm me – like certain doctors – and don’t do anything dumb, like start drinking again, it’ll lengthen the odds against it – and that’s what it’s all about now – playing the odds.

Don’t drink. It’s very unlikely I’ll drink again; I’ve no desire to, and I’ve no capacity now, either – just a shot of Bombay Sapphire at home (albeit quite a robust shot), has me blurred around the edges.

There’s another reason too – the thought of a hangover, on top of how shitty I normally feel, is terrifying. Literally.

Take my supplements every day! I’ve had ME for 27 years, and for much of that time, all that’s kept me on my feet is a selection of supplements which, after much trial and error, I know actually work. The last two years, I’ve been too preoccupied, and they’ve been neglected, and I’ve paid for it by being sicker than I need be.

Drink more coffee. I had an idea that a moderate intake of coffee might perk me up, so I bought a Dolce Gusto coffee-maker (unlike the Nespresso machines, it also makes hot chocolate and tea, as well as a range of coffees), and hey, it does.

Because of my heart problems, I’m supposed to avoid caffeine, but the highest caffeine levels are in filter and percolated coffee, the former I don’t like (always smells better than it tastes), and who uses a percolator these days? As it turned out, there’s no problem.

I accidentally bought espresso Intenso capsules – a sort of halfway house between espresso and ristretto, which turns out to make an excellent lungo with extra water. So far, I’ve tried that, standard espresso, macchiato. and cappuccino – none cause any problems at all. It’s possible, too, that the hot water dispense, which is manually controlled, will be good for instant soups and noodles. Haven’t tried that yet.

Write more about food. Not entirely sure why, but my food blog posts are getting a lot of attention and likes, especially from the US so, obviously, writing more will be useful.

I know I said cooking will be cut back, but that’s mostly day to day stuff, which pretty much just entails heating/cooking something frozen. The idea of switching to ready meals is that I get a meal in one go, instead of having to cook veggies and stuff to go with the protein.

“Projects” will still happen. My bacon has been started today, and hopefully I’ll be able to knock up the long-awaited faggots and gravy soon.  I think I’ll knock up a batch of Fabada Wirraliana in the near future, to use some of my home-cured panceta. And because it’s bloody good.

Bread will still be made, too, starting New Year’s Day.

Finally, use wheels a lot more. I know I’ve been saying that for much of this year, but it’s something that’s got to happen – way too much pain not to.

And that’s where I’m leaving it. Most of that’s doable, some of it’s even under my control – we’ll see how it works out…

8 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2013…

    • Truth to tell, maybe 1 or 2. On average, I have no future, but averages are woolly things. Literature says, on average, death within 2 years. Obviously, for some, that means in days, other months, most within 2 years, others longer. I seem to have drawn the longer straw.

      What that means in real terms I have no idea – all I can do is suck it and see. And not take risks.

  1. Happy New Year Ron – I hope that the first resolution that you have, you stick to! I’ve had my date for my amputation come through – 10th Jan – I’m terrified but also want rid of the awful pain and useless limb.
    I’m not making any resolutions this year, I had just a couple last year and look what happened – it’s been the shittiest year of my life and still it continues … having said that, there are so many worse off than me so I shouldn’t grumble 🙂
    Best of luck with the bacon – just need you to have a lot of spoonies so you can finally do your faggots and gravy.
    Take good care – Jay x

    • Happy New Year Jay.

      Personally, I’ve never found the thought that there are others worse than me to be any consolation at all! Especially when WE are the people who are worse than some others. The other side of the coin, of course, is that there are so many better off than you – no-one ever mentions that!

      I know how you feel about your leg, though – if all you’re getting from it is pain, you’re better of without it.

      After 29 years of non-stop pain, if they offered to take both mine at the knee, I’d be a happy bunny. Waking up screaming almost every night is getting very old. Fat chance – hell, I can’t even get decent pain meds.

      Terrifying, though, I agree, but once you’ve healed, you should feel a lot better.

      Would you like my mobe number to text me – let me know how you’re getting on while you’re in hospital? if you feel up to it, that is.


    • There’s one resolution I forgot, Jay – get out more.

      Got to accept that I’m not walking anywhere – and get my head round putting my powerchair in a taxi to go where I want to go. With no car, and not drinking, I can afford taxis.


  2. hi Ron. i was going to bed but decided to clear my inbox first so its a new start tomorrow. and found your message. i hope you manage to do all your resolutions so a happy new year to you.
    I haven’t made any. rarely do really. though i did just think that i must make sure i use the 24 hour clock EVERY TIME i add a message or reminder to my mobile. its just gone off and its supposed to have been at 1.45pm today not 1.45am. other than that, maybe being nicer to certain ppl in the family that do my head in might be a good one.i get quite tetchy with them these
    a 3rd could be go to bed earlier and get up earlier/though i rarely have any reason to do either to be honest
    anyway. its almost 2am/ fireworks have finally been quiet for over a half hour so i think its safe to go to bed without the dog waking me up barking at them (he has big man in little body syndrome. bark at the nasty bangs and he thinks hes scared em off each time they
    night Ron. all the best in 2013.

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